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Originally posted by dethangel
LoTeX, dood, stop talking please, you either didnt read what he just said, or you have no clue what he just said, because his PC wont even POST, which means, he cant install his OS, he obviously has a problem with his MOBO or BIOS, or both, if all you can say is

"computers consist of many hi-tex parts which are combined together very complex ways (to me at least). sometimes its next to impossible to know what causes what (like sudden crashes). could be so many things. or their combinations. apart from mechanical failures it can be somekinda software **** up."

dont post on a board where youre trying to help people, if you dont even understand what it is youre trying to troubleshoot, i could diagram the exact path of information in a pc, its not hard, its basic PC repair skills, it is never "impossible" to figure out what is wrong, you just test each piece of hardware until you find the one that doesnt work, hopefully its not your MOBO or Processor, and its just the memory

on to the answer, it is obviously NOT software related, as it doesnt even get past the POST (after POST it begins to load software)

wow! nice going, Deathankle! you almost understood my post. but there are a few minor mistakes i'd like to point out so you can be perfect:

Originally posted by LoTeX

or you can try it out with someone else's computer.

that was my actual choice of advice

Originally posted by LoTeX

talking about stability...

and that was supposed to be just general talking about computer stability. but these are just small mistakes. all in all you did just great. keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!1111

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Any more flames / insults toward each other, and my foot will come stomping down.

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stayclean, haven't heard anything from you lately about this PC. Has it started working, yet? Or is the system FUBAR?
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Just one suggestion .. n' i think it should work ...

Try pulling out the DPS thing that comes with the Gigabyte board
I've heard n' read that the DPS thingy creates problems like this often..

Personally the one on my machine never gave me a prob.. In any case ..give it a shot

Screenshots of my Desktop.....Post ur\'s too :D

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