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Old 01-25-2005, 11:48 AM   #51 (permalink)
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Ok cool
ummm... How about a eMachine from wal-mart with a 600MHz Celeron processor and 64mb of ram. Oh, and maybe 10 gb Hard drive. Don't forget the integrated graphics card. SWEET!

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Originally posted by Jell-OSX
Just so you guys don't think i'm extremely spoiled or anything and that I just am too lazy to work for my money, I actually just spent $5,200 of my own money that I have saved up from my job to purchase an 95' Toyota Celica and after that I spent around $1200 on an audio system for my car. I'm happy that I did purchase this but, afterwards I realized that I really need a new PC. So, my problem is now, that I am broke as a joke and its gonna take a while to save up money for a new computer.

Not to mention I need to buy a new clutch and have it put in.(*$700) Not much, huh?

I guess if the parent thing doesn't work I might just have to wait a long time.
1: get in celica (which is a kewl car by the way)
2: drive to financial institution
3: walk out with small loan and buy a comp of your choice

why does nobody listen to me? it's an easy way to build credit in the first place, and on top of that, now you'll have a nice computer too.

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Yup that is pretty good really. How did you manage to build your 'clientelle' if you will, I don't know that many people that need computers servicing or anything, I assume you did something to get your name out to people you don't know though right?
I used to do I think five different paper routes(about 400-600 houses), so I used to make my own flyers and shove them into the papers every once and a while. I also helped someone I know shovel out the areas around mailboxes in the winter for just about every mailbox in the southend of my town, and I'd usually plaster up ads on them and hand them to people who came to get their mail. I guess the rest of my "fan base" heard of me through gossip or something. :P

I must admit I have my big costumers, there is one women who usually phones me at least once a week with an entirely new problem every time, I've actually signed her up on some sort of "membership fee" because she called so much. :P

I've been considering actually doing some computer tutoring lately, although I don't know if I have the time or the patience.
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First, there are many cheap cheap desktops out there - some only $500 as opposed to $2000. Anyways, I had told my parents that I need a "working" computer for school since I need to do everything from simple essays to computer programming, as well as searching for resources via the Internet. Dad said okay.

Also, why not strike a deal with your parents? Okay, so you make minimum, show your parents you are responsible and have them purchase it, with you making monthly payments to them until it is paid off...
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I haven't dealt with parents in over 12 years, but I have a few suggestions.

Goto, and buy parts one at a time until you come up with a full PC. See if your parents will reward you for your grades and help foot some of the expense of the larger items.
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but waht if your perents bought a lousy dell that was supposed to be good for gaming and you want a new one and you only have about 500 dollars saved up in ur bank account on this computer?

My (Dell) PC
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Jell-OSX, sounds rough, but im going through the same thing.. Im builting a computer, then after that im saving money for a car. Im 18 i work and i go from pay check to pay check, ordering computer hardware, and buying things i need. I spent over
1200$ on my computer im builting, witch i been ordering parts since September.

But thats just life, i mean i dont NEED a computer to survive. But i would absolutely love to have one. So i made my choice and now i have to deal with the cards that have been delt. But you have a car, but need a computer. We have this same thing in common. But you cant depend on your parents when you WANT something rather then NEED something.

So you should just be a man about it and bit the bullet. Be patient, buy your own computer, by ordering parts when you have the money. Just because you spent all your money, dont mean your intitled to other peoples money on things you WANT rather then NEED.
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Originally posted by Jell-OSX
Ok cool
ummm... How about a eMachine from wal-mart with a 600MHz Celeron processor and 64mb of ram. Oh, and maybe 10 gb Hard drive. Don't forget the integrated graphics card. SWEET!

are you mocking my computer?
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AS a parent with a 16 year old, I can give the best advice I can- be upfront and honest. Let your parents know the situation, and give them some options (you'll help pay for it, selling your mac on ebay, parking your car to use the gas money and such for a computer).

Find a steady job and keep it. When the golf course doesn't need you, get a job in a fast food joint, or Blockbuster, anywhere than has a payday.

Parents are great, and they help as they can. But you'll have to be able to support yourself some day, and the steps you take now will make it easier or harder when that day comes.

I'm sure that you are proud of your car, especially since you bought it yourself. Take that same pride in getting a new computer. It makes it so much sweeter in the end.

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I've used computers my whole life. My dad did computers for a living so we never had a brandname, just built our stuff. He mainly was rewarded by larger companys with parts or laptops he would sell, whatever. He's passed away now but I work minimum wage at a restaurant (includes tips) and I can afford my parts.

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