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Old 01-23-2005, 07:06 PM   #11 (permalink)
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if your gonna do all that might as well build on e

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Do what i did save up your money dont ask your parents for money cause they will nag you about for the rest of your life.
Look at the comp i have now

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Yeah it sux, :P Ok, it was alot better untill i built my own PC, but if i always had a PC that was good as yours I would be happy for life

I bought a 1500$ (CDN) CD player with my own money, oh wait that was x-mas present as well as owing them money. I just paid it off.
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I was 14 when I got my first gaming PC, so I didn't even have a job. I saved up about $600 dollars mowing lawns, selling old software on eBay, and babysitting (NEVER AGAIN!!!). It took me about 5 4 or 5 months or so, and I had to persuade my dad to loan (yes loan) me about $110, but I went to a shop and had them build my PC. I've upgraded sound, speakers, vid card, and OS since then, butI still was able to get a good deal. At least you've got a job, I didn't have crap. I make $7.75 now, so in a couple of years I'll buy a pretty nice PC when I head for college.

EDIT: Oh, and don't upgrade that P2. You'd have to get a new mobo for the new CPU, so of course new memory, new grafix card, then sound, etc. You'll have bought yourself a completely new PC. At the best you can salvage the CD-ROM and Floppy drive from it, and maybe the hard drive, which you can set up as a Slave. Not even the case will work; it's not ATX.
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I never was able to convince my parents to help me with anything computer related. I didn't have a decent system till I waws 18 and could work to get it myself.
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I've bought all my PC parts. The last computer my parents bought was a 63MHz Macintosh back in 1995...

minimum wage or not that's life dude, shouldn't have to persuade your parents. Just save up until your hands bleed from the labor and it'll be much more worth it in the end.
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Mom , Dad we know how much that computer technology has advanced over the last 5 years.Todays computers offfer a much better performance than my current system .Even tho my old computer can do most anything .Wouldnt it be better if i could do everything in half the time ?
Ive discovered that Computer Programing is my calling .I need the proper tools to excell in the field.We need to upgrade my computer system in order for me to advance to my full potential.
Ill save as much as i can and help in the purchase . I understand the values of investing in my future "you taught me that" .
Thats what i want to do invest in my future .The return for my knowledge gained will be quite rewarding for all of us.
(Parents) Son you no that we will do our best at providing you with what you need in life.The fact that you approached us with
this Calling of yours is quite heart wrenching. Ive often thought about how computers are a big part of this world and Programers are not a dime a dozen . So The Profession you chose is quite intregueing.Programing in our opinion is where the money is if you look at the big picture.(Dad)The most famous "Bill gates" is a programer Heck i remeber my Tandy2000 computer and it was desighned to teach programing .I loved that old thing(laughs)
as a matter-a-fact that Tandy would probably be worth a pretty penny for todays collecters "shux i wish id kept it"
So i have to agree with you on this matter . But i must say your in for a tuff ride in life .Your going to have to study about 10 different fields in order to be as good as Bill gates .I have faith in you son , and how you came to us with this matter is very gradifying.Tell you what we need to put a cap on the amount we will spend if you can work and save $1000.00 we will proved $4000.00 .(son) Ok mom dad if i work hard ill have that in 3 months
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For free music (not copyrighted stuff *cough*). Limewire is available for Mac's. If your a MAC type of person you can get one of those Mac Minis for $499, but I understand that you dont like macs and you want to get a PC. Its up to you.
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assess your situation. make a plan. be assertive. do not hesitate or back down. be as straight foward as you can be.

here are some things you might want to think about.

how are your grades recently
have you done anything illegal
and how old are you*

*the closer you are to college, the lower your chances are. you might think that they want you to have a computer. truth is, they dont. put yourself in the worst of situations. be willing to pay for part of the costs. if you had parents like mine, be prepared to give up some or all of your priveleges.

i got a new laptop by easing it into their minds. i felt that they were in their best moods exactly before going to sleep.
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tell them that if they dont buy you a new computer you'll start dating Boys,
parents hate that.

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