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Default How to persuade parents?

Ok, here is the problem...

I need a new computer and I need to know how to persuade my parents to help me out with the expenses.

As of this moment in time I have an Apple iMac 800MHz/256mb, my dad has a Dell Dimension 2350 P4 2.2 GHz/512 mb, my mom has a HP Pavilion P2/384 mb.

I like my mac, but there is a lot of stuff that i like to do that only works with windows. I like to download songs like everyone else, but my dad won't allow me to do it on his Dell. And my i Mac only has iTunes on it ( i like to go the free way, not 99 cents). I also enjoy gaming, but i can only play them at friends houses, because our current computers won't run them.

My plan is to use my mom's old hp tower and completely upgrade it, cpu, ram, video card, hard drive, etc. But, I have no money.

My parents want me to become experienced with computers, but I need one that I can do all things I want to on. I can't learn things about new software that won't run on my computer.

How did you guys persuae your parents to help pay for your computers or parts?

Or how would you?

i have a job, but minimum wage doesn't cut it.

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well ur best bet right now would be to buy a second hand computer from somewhere... it wont be the best but itll be something decent... and from tehre u can save money and upgrade the parts as you need them... i suggest start off with an older athlon xp or p4... that way u can first upgrade the motherboard then the processor and so on and so on

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Do you have any money at all?

The way I've made money for all of my parts is through computers themselves. I used to do basic HTML coding for websites, and I've built, traded, upgraded and repaired computers for close to four years now.

I used the thing I wanted and made it profitable at the same time, perhaps you can do the same?
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get a job.
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Hey, I have only a little above minimun wage job $5.58/hr and saved to get my computer (see sig).
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I bought mine completely on my own and only make $7 an hour

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My first computer was a gateway my mom bought with payments, the second one I got for $200 (from a fool that didnt know what he had) and the third one I built, the fourth one is my wife's she bought it before we met and the fifth one I am currently building.

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i wouldnt advise using a hp p2 case for puttin a new computer in.. for one it wouldnt even be atx... as for persuading them, either find a friend in the busines who can cut u good deals or u can just make stuff up about how u really want to try at school and this computer just doesnt cut it for my needs lol
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I had less than minimum wage (disability) when i got my first comp, which was nice at the time, i got a loan for it. i had no credit whatsoever, but i did have a bank account with my bank for quite a while and they gave me a chance. so if you have minimum wage and can afford 50 bucks a month, try for a small loan, you can probably get around a grand to start out with.

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