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Default how come the Sapphire Radeon 9800 XT 128mb is so cheap?

I can pick one up for $250 Canadian...but the other companys Modles of the same card are around $400

why is the saphire one so cheap....?

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Cool Marketing

Definatly marketing. I was in Best Buy last night and I saw the Saphire going for $100. Best Buy had a huge colorfull asortment of Video Cards but did not carry the 9800 Radeon XT anywhere. The most expensive card they carried at the store in my town was $299.

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Originally posted by Deadguy
Would be better if there was a link.Xt has 256 memory.Pro has 128 cept for an Asus that named one of its XT's a pro for some backward's reason.Marketing thing id guess.Maybe some other's with wierd marketing names.
XT doesn't specifically mean thats its 256mb

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Xt means it has a higher core speed and msot of the times memory speed. It has no relationship to how many mb's it is. Saphire can price it so low because they sell so much. They have taken a good chunk of market share away from raidon which originally made the cards so theres are priced up a bit more.
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lol. xt can be 128mb. It has a higher core and most of the times memory. That chart means nothing with ur arguement because theres xt cards that are 128mb and 256mb same with pro so that chart is comparing specific models. Just as there are se models. They are cheaper but can have the same amount of mb. Then why are they cheaper? because of core and memory speeds.
Ill let newegg help me out this one time
128mb 9200 se
lower core and lower memory
128mb 9200
same 128mb higher core/memory

Here we go
9600 se
9600 pro
128mb version
256mb version
So as u can see from those 9600 xt/pro pages is that xt and pro both come in 128mb and 256mb cards but the xt versions have higher cores/memory speeds. Hope this clears some stuff up.
(i couldnb't tell what u meant by that chart so i took it in a way that u were saying xt only came in 256mb so if u wern't no diss intended and if u were well now u ahve the facts cheers)
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Okay, all cards beyond the Radeon 9700 come in either 128MB or 256MB models.

BUT, all of the cards, I repeat, ALL OF THE CARDS beyond the 9700 (except SE versions, I think) are 256 Bit. I'm not quite sure what the 256 Bit means, but hell, I know it gives you better graphics.

The Nintendo 64 was 64 bit, the Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube are 128 bit. Look at the graphics on some Xbox games. Now, imagine what your 9700 Pro, 9800 Pro, and 9800 XT can do when developers unlock their full potential. Which we may never see if the card manufacturers release new cards before these get their chance to shine.

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