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Old 11-21-2004, 05:03 PM   #11 (permalink)
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I'll look into doing that, thanks for the help.

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Old 12-02-2004, 02:45 AM   #12 (permalink)
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Bringing my old thread to the top because I just found out it gets up to 68-69C and up to about 35C for the case when I'm just running around in Everquest, not sure what I can do, I havn't cut a hole in the side, not exactly sure how to go about that.

I'm curious about how much Thermal Paste are you supposed to have on there? Thermaltake's instructions don't help much, I couldn't even attach the Heatsink the way they said to. They had me remove the plastic thing around the outside, and they wanted me to use these thick springs (to relieve pressure?) between the screw head, and the metal bracket that holds it down. But with the springs in there I can't get the screws down far enough to even screw it in. So I just installed it without the springs, the thermal paste it came with is just a white paste looking stuff.

*edit* Little side note, One of the intake fans in the front blows right into the HD, and the other one is all the way at the bottom of the case, and the stuff that creates the most heat is up towards the top of the case. But I believe thats the way most cases are, but I'm not sure, don't see how they can't be with the drive slots and all. Just thought I'd add that

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Old 12-02-2004, 04:18 AM   #13 (permalink)
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Do all your case fans spin at the same RPM ? You get the best air flow if there all running at the same speed .Right now my FX CPU is running at 34 * Celcius with stock cooling .This is actually my 1st AMD system and i was looking forward to installing the CPU myself .But the MB and CPU were purchased as a Pre Tested combo unit from Monarch Computers. When i got it in the mail the CPU/HS and fan all were assembled . I left it as is and built my system . Its running cool enough for me , ill reset it when it comes time to clean it up or replace the Thermal Pad .But i did notice my rear 120mm exhaust fan was running full RPM being on 12 v line .My front 120mm intake fan was running slower to control noise.I noticed a rather high Case air temp wich resulted in a CPU temp increase of about 8 degrees after a few hours .So by increasing the front intake Fan speed equal to the rear the case air temp is no longer a problem .
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Old 12-02-2004, 04:30 AM   #14 (permalink)
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60 isnt bad temperature though for AMD.

have u replaced your HSF since you installed it?

as if you had, and didnt tried re-applying a fresh one. then get it off once again.

buy these things:

1: Isopropyl Alcohol (either pad, or bottle)
2: Arctic Silver 5

clean your heatsink base and CPU die with isopropyl alcohol. if your HSF base isnt smooth, then i'll recommend using a thick grain sand paper, then use a thinnest grain sand paper and in last glass powder. although you wont be requiring them as AMD's bases are smoother unlike intels.

once both CPU and HSF are dried up after alcohol application. apply a wheat grain of Artric silver under heatsink and use a polethyne/plastic bad to wrap around your fingers and start moving the material on the base in circular motion. this will ensure the proper injection of micro granuels of artic silver into micro pores of metal.

use a very soft cloth to remove what ever is left. you'll notice color of base is changed to darker.

apply a rice grain amount on the CPU die (uncooked rice) and slightly adjust the HSF over CPU and move slightly clock and anti clockwise (this will ensure no air bubbles trapped)

and thats it. the material will automatically reshape evenly on die (do not pick the HSF once u adjusted on the die.

run your system periodically for 100 hours, (means shut down, and cool, and again restart) or in other words, normal operation of system. see how much temperature decrease you've got.

my 3.2 intel runs on 37 normally and 48 as when kept on highest load for hours.

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