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Old 10-26-2004, 04:15 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Help trouble shooting my uber gaming PC.

I am building a pc for scratch an can't get the Bios up and running. i can't seem to get it running so I'm running throgh some computer fourms for helpful gurus other info is that the hard drive seems to work fine, the power button only turns the comp on but I need to turn off the power supply to turn it off. The mother board dose not have moniter plug in so its conected through my PCI express ASUS X600 graphics card. The cpu is the new 775 pin intel P4 3.0.

If anyone can help me plese respond. I apolgize for being blunt.

oh and if you need anymore info just ask for it.

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Do you mean you cant get into the bios? If thats the case what kinda of motherboard do you have?

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Its the..... "desktop board D925XCV"
dose that help?

And I mean when I turn it on conected to a moniter nothing happens no dos or bios or any sort of basic programing.
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...Before you threw yourself into this project, did you take any time...any time at familiarize yourself with computer hardware? Terminology, configuration, features, compatability, any of that ringing a bell?

I wish I had the money to just fling myself into projects without a clue. After my last attempt to build a rocket engine leveled a small logging town, I stopped being that nuts.

The initial "programming" that comes up when you turn the computer on, is called the Post, or BIOS echo.

What we needed to know about your system (just considering the motherboard) is who made it. Now a "desktop board D925XCV" is an Intel motherboard (and I would point out now that you should run from your house screaming and call in a HAZMAT team to dispose of it...quickly...


So you hit the switch, and nothing happens. What do you mean by "nothing happens"? Do the fans come on? Does it beep any?

Lastly, we need to know everything. The details on every single piece of hardware you're using, what software and OS you are going to use, etc.

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ok yes I have taken the time to famirize my self with this stuff. what i ment when i said nothing happens is that I dont see any sort of bios or "welcome to intel" or anything at all to implie its an actual computer the only thing is that it dosent say it not conected to any thing. I'm using windows XP pro but i havent even instaled it yet so that shouldent matter....
the cd-rom is pextor
floppy is genieric
the mem is DDR2 i don't know the hard drive
the PWR is 500 watts and ultra brand.
the graphic card is x600 and
the sound card is sound blaster HD
and its all ATX
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couple things to try. Reseat memory, CPU, and vid card also try with ONLY the HDD, CPU, mem and vid card. No cdrom, floppy, keyboard, or anything. See what happens, yeah you'll get a keyboard error, but we just want to get a screen. If nothing, you may be grounding out the MBD to the case. So, try removing the MBD with the above bare system specs and place it on something that is not ESD conductive and see if it will run with the MBD COMPLETELY out of the case. If it runs like that, then its grounding somewhere in the case, maybe a screw or something. Should have a sheath that covers the metal screw with something made of plastic or another non/less conductive substance.

EDIT: Also, when reseating check things like the pins and such, like the CPU for bent pins. Also, make sure they are firmly seated, memory for example should click and lock into place. Check for excess/lack of thermal compound on the CPU.
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check your RAM bud you dont sound like the most computer adept and i mean the best of us mess up too. if your not gettin a post screen or....anything check your ram make sure its the right stuff for the board u got and make sure its pushed in all the way. with your power button not shutting off the computer check your mobo users manual there will be a little diagram in there that says restart power led+ ect. check the wires its pretty basic make sure the one coming from your power button is on the right pegs.

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