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Old 06-23-2005, 06:42 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Help! Saving for a new rig.

I sold my rebuilt dell on ebay ---- I was unemployed. Im working again and going to save to build a new comp for myself. I know I could search the forum for ideas but I want answers that are geared toward my project.

First , the experts here seem to favor amd over intel . Why should I use amd ? Answers like -- amd rocks, are not helpful.

Second, What motherboard manufacturer should I consider?

Third , what video card should I use?

Remember , I am not rich and my user name should be cheapster. I dont want water cooling , or neon cases, or any eye candy, Just an all around good computer.
This is not a thread to argue about brand names without any basis for your claims.

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AMD 64 (venice or san diego core) AMD = cost less than Intel and does a better job in games.

Mobo = DFI or MSI

Video card = 6600GT - best bang for the buck (i recommend the Nvidia cards even though i personally prefer ATI.)

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Ive used gigabyte boards before with good results. Are they considered good quality?
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Giga-Byte are pretty nice. They live long, but for overclocking, let's say it ain't the best.

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A idea of your budget would be helpful but if you want a good gaming comp that won't need upgrading for a while I'd say go with something like this.

Heres a setup that has socket 939 and PCI-E so you will be able to upgrade without needing a new motherboard.

socket 939 PCI-E $78 Anybody care to shine a little light on this board I just picked it cause it was cheap and had 4 ram slots. A lot of people on here like MSI and DFI.

Amd Athlon64 3000+ venice Retail with heatsink and fan $148

eVGA 6600GT PCI-E $169

TwinMos 512mb (256 *2) ram $45

Total $440 dollars just need a PSU and case. I got a Foxconn case and psu for my uncle for $35. It looks pretty good but I haven't tried it out so I don't know how good it is. But if it is that would keep you in the $475 range. Or you can get a good PSU for $35 and decent case for $20 and that would probably be better.
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Old 06-23-2005, 10:57 PM   #6 (permalink)
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Thanks dario03 , Thats the kind of info Im looking for. Im not sure I want to spend that much on video. My 64mb geforce handled most of my games . This list is a good start.
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If you're going to get a 6600GT, I hear they're pretty power hungry, and also some motherboards take a lot more power too, so you might not want to go with a stock PSU. You can probably get a good Thermaltake or Antec one for around $50 with plenty of power (at least 400W). I've been looking at some new parts too, a lot's changed since I built my last computer 3 years ago. Just a suggestion.
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In reguard to PSU's, when I built my computer, Thermaltake was the cheapest in the comparison of good companies (between Thermaltake, Antec, Vantec, Enermax: I was told they were the top 4). I got a dual fan 420W Thermaltake for about $40. I might be lower by now.

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how much can you spend roughly?
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Well if you do go with PCI-E then you could get the x300 or x600 or 6600(non gt) for less but they are vastly slower.

But a estimate of your budget, what you want to do, and how high of quality you want your graphics to be would help people give suggestions.

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