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Default [Help] Need help on Hardware info

Hi all,

Just out of curiousity, I would like to know how the motherboard bus speed interact with other hardware such as CPU, RAM, Graphic card, I/O devices and other PCI cards.

For example, on the motherboard its stated that it has 1066 MHZ of bus speed. What does it mean to other hardware component such as CPU clocks(2ghz, 3ghz, etc), graphic card(400mhz, 500mhz,etc), RAM (333,400,533,1066), or other devices.

Does CPU clock at 3ghz splitting the speed to 3x1066? Can anyone intepret further for this?

What about graphic card, since they have their own chipset clock speed and the memory clock speed. Should I assume that the limit that current motherboard can support is the Graphic card that can run up to 1033 clock speed? How about the memory speed, I saw ddr3 on the desc and some of the graphic card have a memory speed up to 1.5 GHZ, wouldn't it cause a bottleneck since the motherboard only support upto 1ghz?

Next one would be the ram, I have seen so far in the market , the popular one they have are DDR 400, and DDR2 533. In that case since only INTEL can support DDR2 .. is that correct that most latest INTEL socket motherboard can support up to 1066 (with current dual channel ram 2x 533) ? What about AMD motherboard since they can't support DDR2 yet so I would assume their highest bus speed would be 800mhz? is that correct? does it mean they are slower then intel motherboard?

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that explains most of the stuff ur asking. its about overclocking but explains how the cpu and mobo work.

as for the mobo. intel operates at either 800 or 1066MHz while amd uses hypertransport which allows for higher bus speeds. If ur cpu and mobo have the same socket, theyre compatible. But if ur cpu can run 1066 and u have a mobo at 533 then ur cpu will be slowed. as for graphics cards, they just run from either agp or pci-e and arent related to bus speeds and just rely on the clock of the actual card.

ur also getting clocks and fsb's (front-side bus) mixed up. they r completely different. they r linked but r not the same. but that guide explains that to u.

for the ram part, the mobo will support certain types of ram like ddr400 but that is also not the same as fsb. if want to oc ur ram then ur cpu and mobo have to support that speed. hope that clears thing up a little. just ask if u dont understand anything

if any one of these parts r significantly slower than the others tho, ur whole comp will run at that slow speed so its best to upgrade or buy everything at once and at the same level such as midrange or high performance.

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