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Default Help me build a good computer!!! I'm lost

Well, I just found this site (just started looking) and I am already learning a lot, but I know there is a lot I am still missing.

Basically, I am trying to build a pretty decent computer, but IU have no idea where to start.

I have my case, HD, CD/DVD+-RW drive, and a 19" LCD monitor, but I am lost as to what else I need. I know what I need, just not what kind/brand.

I want a computer that can do all the crap for school, some basic CAD stuff, but also play some decent games (probably nothing as crazy as Doom III).

I have heard a lot about different brands of RAM. What do you guys suggest? What kind of specs should I look for? I am thinking 512MB of dual channel ram would be enough, right?

The motherboard and cpu is where I am totally comfused. I have been told by some guys on other forums that I can get a decent combo for under $250. Is this true? If so, what brand, and what size/type/whatever?

I would like to get one of the ATI all-in-wonder cards, probably 128MB, would thius be enough for some decent gaming and stuff?

Okay, now some stupid questions (if all of thos weren't bad enough). I would like to be able to plug my stereo in, with the RCA jacks. I would need a sound card for this, right? If so, what brand?

Oh yeah, does it really matter what NIC I get? I see that some are expensive, but a few people have told me that doesn't really matter. Can I get away with a $20 card?

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for any help guys.

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How much u willing to spend? If ur in USA try its highly recommended on this forum by every1

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for sound card go with an audigy II sound blaster.
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For your RAM there are many things to look for. First the speed is an important factor. Most RAM now days is PC3200, but the more dated less expensive PC2700 RAM is fine, too. Another thing to look for is the latency or CAS latency. Genrally you want a low # latency. Good brands to look at are Crucial, Kingston, and Corsair, but there are many more good brands than just those.

For the processor and Motherboard it really depends on the kind of system you want: an AMD or an INTEL.

Intels are good for Business applications like workstations. They are ideal for people who use their PCs for WORD, EXCEL, etc. But don't get me wrong, they can also make good gaming PCs.

AMDs are really the gamers processor. If you really use your computer for games and stuff like that, than AMDs are ideal. I personally like AMDs cause they are fairly cost efficient for the power.

For the motherboard, again it really depends on the processor you choose. A good mobo will have Dual channel RAM capabilities, Serial ATA (SATA) Hard drive connection, 8x AGP or PCI Express graphics card slot, and many PCI slots for expandability. Good mobo brands are ASUS, ABIT, and Gigabyte.

When looking for a mobo you MUST make sure its compatable with your processor. Compatability depends on the Socket type. Your mobo must say that it is the same socket type as your processor. Like if you were looking at an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ it has a socket 754, so you need to find a mobo that supports that kind of socket.

The graphics card is an important factor too. You probably dont need an ATI All-In-Wonder card. The reason they are called All-In-Wonder is because they have a built in TV tuner, so you can watch TV on your computer. The cards used in the all-in-wonder setups also have non AIW versions that cost considerably less. If your on a budget I would go with a Radeon 9800 pro.

For the sound card, most modern day motherboards have built in sound. However, if you really want good sound quality, you will have to buy a sound card.

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is in USD prices?
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Thanks for the help guys.

I should have clarified that I did want a TV tuner card, just for fun I guess. So the All-in-wonder is a good choice for that, or would a different brand be better?

I am still confused as to what processor I should look for. Could you give me some specific models? I guess I would like the mobo and processor to be under $250 if possible, maybe $300. Can I get something decent for that?

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you definetly want an AMD athlon XP if you want a cheap cpu and go with things like abit, asus for the motherboard. Make sure that they are compatible with each other before you buy


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