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Old 12-15-2004, 09:21 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Help with fans!

Im new with comps and just wanting to know how to find out what model case my pc is, what fan is in it now and what fans to buy, and how to install them or place them lol, I think thats it.

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just measure in mm. then buy the corresponding fans. screw em in with the supplied screws and hook em up to a free molex (power) connector. done, simple as that. make sure of course the computer is turned off and you have grounded yourself of static (by simply touching the inside of the case before you start).

how to place them, well, they have arrows to show direction of flow. i consider the front fans to be intake and rear to be exhaust as a standard, and if you have a side fan and a top fan, well that complicates things a little.

how many fans are you getting and where in your comp will you plan to put them?

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Hey, I am wanting one in the front for intake and a exhaust, also one to cool of my new graphics card thats a Radeon 9600, (well im about to get it), and one that will be above the exhaust.

As for a roof fan I want to look into it, would I have to drill holes in the top for the air to blow out? Because My roof is plain.

Also what about those side fan things?

I also heard about water cooling systems, any1 know where to get a cool neon light one or something?
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First of all, if cooling and having lights is important to you, you need to get another case. Has some great colored cases that have a plexiglass window in the side that will allow you to see into your computer. These cases usually come with some sort of neon lighting that will make the case look very good. You can also pick up some lighting at any store that carries quite a bit of computer equipment. The more fans that you have the louder your case is going to get. Put a fan in the front to intake and two in the back for outtake should be plenty to get the air circulating. Many people freak out when their system gets hot, but around my 9800 XT and P4 it is usually about 104 or so.
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If the top of your case is just sheet metal, you could drill a hole with a regular drill with a radial adapter type thing. Then just glue the fans in or if you wanna get fancy drill soem holes.
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I measured and all of my spots to put fans are like around the 50mm mark! and I checked at and theres no cool looking 50mm all the neon light ones are 80mm, what do I do!

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