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raztazmasta 12-04-2004 09:16 PM

hardware test
i am having problems with my ipod and im not sure if its the ipod or my firewire connection....the problem is i dont have any other firewire there anything i could do to test it?

Blind_Arrow 12-04-2004 09:18 PM

use your USB then. (if u r on 40GB, else you can as well find the firewire to USB convertor for iPOD)

what kind of problem is ur iPOD showing? anyway

raztazmasta 12-04-2004 09:21 PM

haha its so frustrating....the computer recognizes it even on the USB but itunes music match and the auto updater doesnt...idk if its my computer or the ipod

Blind_Arrow 12-04-2004 09:23 PM

the its the iPOD, you can test your iPOD on other machine as well to ensure

raztazmasta 12-04-2004 09:26 PM

none of my other computers have firewire or the small usb watever its official name is

Blind_Arrow 12-04-2004 09:28 PM

check it out on any of ur mates laptop/desktop. and dont tell me you dont have friends or they dont have IEEE or USB in their machines.

raztazmasta 12-04-2004 09:29 PM

the problem is that i took it the apple store and the guy said it was working

Blind_Arrow 12-04-2004 09:36 PM


chekc ur IEEE drivers. you should have mentioned this thing of taking it at apple store in first place.

have u installed drivers prior to plug-in the iPOD? or vice verca?

raztazmasta 12-04-2004 09:48 PM

my bad how should i check them

Blind_Arrow 12-04-2004 10:28 PM

ok ,let me know what problems are u having with ur iPOD?

u cannot transfer data? or else?

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