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Default Hardware or Software Problem?

Anyways, here's my story hope you guys can help.

I put together a computer back in Dec 2003. Here are the specs:
512 Kingston Value
ATI 9600
Seagate SATA 80GB
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
Win XP

Anyways, around three weeks ago, i turn on my computer and there is a registry problem (a blue screen of death popped up each time i restarted). I had system restore disabled so i couldnt run that, so i tried my luck and ran chkdsk, chkdsk /p, and chkdsk /r in the windows installation recovery console. And it worked! My registry worked fine and my comp started up. I had lost a couple of win updates in the process and had to reinstall media player but it was all good. Then this happened 2 more times over the next two weeks and I did the same thing and resolved the problem.

Tonight, I turned on my computer and it came up and said Registry Failure. So I did the same process and it didnt work. Now this is no biggie, since Im buying a new HDD soon, gonna back up my data and format. But I need to recover from this in order to transfer the files to my new empty hdd. If you can help me recover from this it would save my time, rather than taking an old hdd and using it as a middle man os to transfer files from my 80gb corrupted registry hdd to my new empty hdd. Now is it possible to run a OS from a PATA hdd while you have two SATA hdd on the same mobo? Would i be successful in transferring the files between the two SATA through the PATAs OS? (WINXP btw)

Now onto my main question. Is my 80gb hdd getting corrupted registry errors becuase something is physically defected with my hdd. Should I return it? Or is this a mere virus or software problem that could be fixed with a simple format. Also, my hdd has been packed this last month, meaning only around 100-500 mb free average. Could that cause the registry to become corrupted?

Help would be much appreciated!

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it looks like you've got some adware/spyware or a virus that is altering your registry; what antivirus and adware removal programs have you got?

if you want to transfer files from your old HDD, you might be unwittingly taking the virus/adware/spyware over with it

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I believe it is optimum that the HDD your OS resides on has at least 15 percent free space for Vmem and other operations. I would recommend uninstalling a few applications and running an updated virus scan/adware removal program. If these tests and opperations do not solve your problem I would look into reformatting the HDD and starting clean. If, after the fresh install, you notice the same problem, it is definately a hardware issue. I would then return the HDD or smash it in my driveway with a vid cam rolling

Anyways, it could be a number of problems if it is a software related problem. If you have your programs on disks and important data backed up on CDs or DVDs you shouldn't have any concerns reformatting and reinstalling your OS. Good luck.


Tip for future reference: I would recommend backing up your registry and creating a system restore point every time you install ANYTHING in the future. Do this and you will save yourself alot of hardship when something goes wrong. Hope that helps.
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Thanks for the tips guys. The problem is I cant even access Windows XP in safemode nor normal mode. So basically, there is no way I can go and run the antivirus/spyware removal tools. Guess my best bet is to buy a (much needed) new hdd, back up my data then format the 80gb and use that only for OS.

Is it possible for me to run a PATA hdd with an OS on it along with two serial ata hdd temporarily while I transfer the files between the two SATA hdds?

Anyways, what HDD you guys recommend, the Seagate or the WD Raptor :P I'm looking at a 160gb :P
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Also, how exactly does System Restore points work? Does it back up your registry? Is it the same thing as the Windows XP system restore? What exactly does it back up? Just Windows system files, or your entire HDD?
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