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Default GUI stucks


i m having some problems with my pc, and i m unable to diagnose the cause of probelm,
here is my system configuration

Athlon Xp2500+
MSI KT6 Delta (c-media sound card built-in)
Kingston Ram 512 MB 400Mhz
Inno3d Agp card based on nVidia Fx5200 ,128 Mb, 64 bit,8x
40 gb Harddisk
Nu Dvd-CDR/W combo
Phillilps 104S monitor 14"

now the problem

the pc boots normally ,and i am able to get the desktop (currently using Win2000 sp4 ) after some time vertical lines start appearing on the screen color of line is usually reddish green, as this starts, the gui starts to hang the background processes continue to execute as normal,,like media player playing mp3, but the whole screen stucks, also at this moment system stops responding to any input (incluiding clt-alt-delt),
screen starts blinking with some intervals.

i think there is no software issue, i have tired 2 version of dirvers one that came wtih the hardware(motherboard ,sound,agp), and one i have recently downladed version ,latest version)and expeiriencing problem with both

what i have uptill now
i run dxdiag utility, when i run it at the start of the pc , all test run fine smooth , after the lines appearing, and gui start to strukc, the 3rd test of DirectDrwa (full screen white ball) fails, the frame rate drops to 1 frame per 5-seconds approx

i dissemble my pc , then resembled it and the problem still presnt

is there any probelm with monitor that is affecting the pc, (synch rate etc)
is there any probelm with cooling of my AGP card
or the motherboard is having some porblem

i m unable to identify which thing is having problem ,plz guide me to isolate the problematic hardaware
(plz reply immidaltly , i m really pissed off with my pc's such behavoir)

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The first thing to try in every problematic condition relative to performance or erroneous behavior is rebooting in safe mode. You can do this by holding down F8 while booting windows when the "_" shows in the upper left hand side of your screen. If the problem continues in safe mode it is obviously not a software/driver conflict and should be a problem regarding your hardware. Since the PC is allowing you to run windows for a short duration with no problems it is possible that you’re having an overheating problem as you stated earlier. A good way to test this is to slap a different GPU in and see how it functions. If the problem consists you can guess it's not your video card. After testing the video card you should move on to your motherboard, maybe it is having a conflict with your software/hardware, try updating the BIOS (AKA flashing it) with the latest version found on the manufacturers website. Read all information regarding installation of a new BIOS as failure may result in a dead system which would be rendered useless. If that doesn't work you’re probably dealing with a bad motherboard or processor. Although isolating the two can be difficult as they are one in the same. If you have another CPU at your disposal try installing it and booting up. Windows will automatically make any changes and allow you to boot as normal. If that fixes the problem then it was obviously your CPU. However, if doing this does not fix your problem you may have a bad motherboard. Hope that helps, it is sometimes difficult to isolate computer problems if you do not have the necessary equipment to do so, hopefully you know some people with these items. Good luck.

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ur VGA card might be heating up. have u tried changing ur vga card?
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check event viewer and see if anything shows and check the services to find out what is booting up. sounds like it maybe a cooling issue. try opening the case and leave it open and have a fan blowing through it. see if it runs a little longer and more stable. also, does this tend to happen after intensive graphic sessions, like playing a game and then a little later it occurs? or does it sometimes just happen when sitting on the desktop... also if it occurs on both ways, does it last longer if just idle and crash sooner after playing games.
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