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Old 03-14-2005, 02:07 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Good or bad time to get a new PC.

so yea, im thinking of upgrading my PC for the release of elder scrolls: oblivion....but im not sure if now is the right time to buy, with the release of the new 512 cards.

so yea, i have a practically unlimited bugget, within not spending 4k on an upgrade...3 maybe...
not including the Case, which iv already ordered, just got to wait for it to get here...could be awhile since i dont think have hit ausralian shores.

what im keeping is:
- Logitech MX510 Mouse
- thermaltake 480W PSU
- creative Audigy LS sound card (PCI)(for now anyway)
- LG flat19in Moniter.
- 52x CDrom
- Burner/DVD
- Hard drive cradle.(for a 160GB HD)

so i need a new MB, GFX card, CPU and RAM and HD.

heres my thoughts..

CPU - im thinking intel since i run photoshop, dreamweaver, and alot of expolorer windows, aswell as ares(downloads) and iv read alot that AMDs are only for games, since i dont just play games im thinking intel, but im open to sugestions.

keep in mind my current CPU is 3.06 with HT @ 3.2, so getting somthing slower isnot an option. was thinking LGA775, but are intel releaseing a 4g model soon or are they still stuffing around? (not intrested in EE)

GFX - well i got a 9800XT right now, but i have a good reason to get rid of it(my dads paying for part of the upgrade, hes getting the old PC, good enough reason to cash it in) so yea im thinking i should wait for the 512 cards to come on PCIe...thought so...

Ram - im totaly open on this, but i was thinking geil DDR2 2X1G PC4300 533MHz, would prefere ddr2 dam.

motherboard -again, im not caring about my MB to much, but it has to run...
- sound card (PCI)
- PCIe gfx card.
- whatever CPU i end up getting, but im guessing it will be socket 775,(if thats what the 4g pentium end up running on) Im guessing the 4g will be 1066 FSB aswelll so err...maybe dont beter find a mb until i know what intel are doing with their cpus...

- current cd rom and burner/dvd drive
- 2x80g HDs,(or maybe jsut 1, might scrap a drive)
- serial ATA HD(that will run with the ide HDs right?, not sure on that part)
- supports duel channel and drr2 ram.

lol im not sure what you guys can do with that, or hell im not sure what replys to expect...opinions i guess :P on anything...

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vidcard or

cpu or

ram or

amd will do fine with photo shop...if you wait something better will be coming out soon then too so it's all up to you man.

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hdd two of these striped will can either get the 74gig or the 36 gig. i would get the 36 gig and get a big hdd at 7200 and store all your games and window and programs on the raptors then you data and pictures and music and stuff on the big one.
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yea that was my plan, get a real fast hd and have it as my master...thx for the HD info...i dident know to much about HDs, and having a 40g as the master, i would have never thought :P would save abit of cash getting a small hd thats really fast...rather than a big one thats fast...thx

and yea im definattly waiting, i guess i was more intrested in what coming out rather than whats out :P

since upgrading a 9800XT > x850 is rather pointless.

and i wouldent be upgrading my ram at all if i went with amd, not sure if thats a good thing or not, guess it would save my buying new ram o.O
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good points made. i think you'll be happier waiting.
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meh its an ok time to build a computer...
what i would suggest would be this:

CPU - not too sure about current intels, havent really kept up to date with them since i bought my 3.2. But seeing as ur 3.0 is still pretty much around I'd wait to see what intel release in the near future... the FX-55 is the best cpu around, but as u would expect, very expensive and with the fx and the suggested GPU it wouldn't leave u much money. the fx-57 will be out soon i think so maybe wait till then and the 55 should drop in price...

GPU - a 512mb 6800U is out, get that.. much better future choice than one of the X8xx series..
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Sense theres new technology being introduced it would be a good decision to wait for alot of the problems to be resolved and improvements made .Hey im an Elder Scrolls Fan also .
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Right now is a good time to wait.

Dual cores from AMD are just around the corner, and intel following semi closely.

DDR2 is coming out for AMD, and maybee intel can make DDR2 work better than normal DDR (records for bandwidth are held by normal DDR)
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send me your 9800XT
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Well I have an AMD and my phosho stuff works great but I couldn't tell the difference between the Intel and AMD phosho so i would get a Soket 939 mobo and wait till the dual cores come out and that will be a nice mobo/cpu setup and still leave you some nice money.I really don't know much about gpahics but I would go with AMD dual cores and soket 939 unless if you dont wana wait long get the opteron Dual cores soket 940.

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