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Old 12-23-2004, 11:26 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Question Get a eVGA 6800 GT or X800XT ?

I know that the eVGA 6800 GT's are great and are only around $400 but I heard that the X800XT's are better. I know the X800XT cost $500+ but I am gonna get whichever is better. I don't wont a 6800 Ultra because they require a lot of power and a GT can be OC'ed to Ultra specs easy. So, eVGA 6800 GT or a X800XT ? If a X800XT, what brand ? My specs are gonna be a AMD 64 3200+ or 3500+, 1 Gig Corsair XMS pc3200, MSI Neo2 Platinum.

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I say either way you're going to get a bomb card. I'd say the 6800GT eVGA though mainly because since it can be overclocked up to and possibly past Ultra speeds then it could be as good or potentially better than the X800XT and at $100 for that fact..

But besides that I say it comes down to personal preference. I like nvidia so I'd get the eVGA and have fun OC'ing. That isn't to say the X800XT wouldn't perform good in games though.

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I have a 6800 GT OC and couldnt be happier. I never realized that I could love a vid card so much!!
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i just bought an evga 6800 gt, and i havent had a chance to install it yet, cause im snowed in away from my computer at the moment. but if you are a DOOM 3 guy then go for NVIDIA and if you are much more of a halflifer then go for the x800xt... if you dont care about price then try the 6800 ultra extreme or whatever its called... about 5% faster than 6800 ultra.

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If you wanna save money and OC then the GT, but otherwise the X800 XT is a better stock card

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yea the EE is an exelent card!
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If you wanna save money and OC then the GT, but otherwise the X800 XT is a better stock card
Yeah the X800XT vs 6800GT isn't even a contest...that's not what's proposed here though. Basically when you buy the 6800GT from eVGA it's like buying an Ultra being that I have yet to see anyone who couldn't OC it to atleast those speeds.

So basically he's deciding on $100 cheaper Ultra vs X800XT which both cards would win some benches over the other so really they are about equal cause every system and environment that the card is in is different from 'Toms hardware' ya know?

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