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Default GeForce Ti4200 Restarting When Game Loads

Here are my specs:

Windows XP Professional SP1
MSI 645e MAX
P4 2.4ghz
512 PC2700 DDR
GeForce Ti4200 64mb 4X AGP

Heres my short story:
My Ti4200 crashes when I load any high stressing game's. Sometimes it just closes the game and takes me to my desktop, other times it completely restarts my system. I have all the latest drivers... The only thing it doesnt crash is Unreal Tournament (the first one)

My long story:
I had a PNY GeForce Ti4200 4X AGP and up untill about last november, it died. I sent it back to PNY for a exchange and they sent me a Gold, not Purple, 8X AGP Ti4200... This worked in my machine but it would give me static on my monitor (like something was interferring with my monitor) and when I switched cards, the static went away.... So I sent this gold card back to PNY and the other day got a 8X Purple Ti4200. This card just didnt work in my machine. It would always crash and make my system restart...

My brother has the same card I had the first time, Purple PNY 4X AGP Ti4200 so I swapped with him, and it worked. The 8X worked in his machine, and the 4X worked in mine.... I got confused. So I swapped again and put the 8X back in my box, and it worked aswell... I was playing the new UT2004 Demo without a problem... Now for some reason I got the restarts back... So I swapped with him again and as of now I have the 4X back in my box, and it still is restarting my machine. Ive tried Need For Speed Underground, UT2004 Demo, Delta Force Black Hawk Down, and Unreal Tournament (the first one). All except for UT dies every time it gets to an actual game screen where it would use the video card. UT on the other hand plays on and on....

At first I thought it was just that my board didnt support 8X cards... Now I have no idea whats going on. Ive tried removing the card from my system and re-installing it... And I have made sure that the card is seated into my board correctly... Im out of ideas.

Any and All information is greatly apreciated, and thanks very much in advance for any help you guys can give me.


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Now its even restarting when I load Unreal Tournament. I see the blue "precaching" then when it gets to the intro, it just restarts my system.... I dont think its a power supply issue, I have a 430watt psu. And I doubt its overheating since it doesnt really get a chance to overheat in the first place. I guess I'll try removing it again and installing the new nVidia drivers...

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i can say that ive had the same problem . I built a new system
from scratch.With Xp Pro . My favorite game a MOH at the time it would crash like clockwork.The system ran stable as long as i wasnt running any games .I think i installed my OS about 10 times lol .Along with the video card .Then i new the problem wasnt the video card .So i ran MEMTest 2.1 and found that i had a bad memory module . Replaced it and my crash stopped .This may be worth looking into .
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Thanks for the reply Cappy.

Well, sure it could be the ram. I didnt think about that yet. I might try sticking a diffrent stick in there later on today. I downloaded that mem test program and ran it untill it got to about 215% then I stopped it... Ill let it run all night when tonight when I go to sleep and see what happens... I dont think I have any PC2700 laying around but I know I have some DDR somewhere... probaly 3200... either way, thanks again for the reply
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