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Him 05-12-2005 12:11 PM

Friggen optical mice!
At work I use a Dell, with a dell optical mouse. Sometimes when I'm using it, the mouse will randomly jump to the corner of the screen, and I will lose it for a second or so. It's not a problem, just a wicked nuisance. It's does it sometimes, sometimes not. It just happened like twice in the past minute, so thats why I asked. Think it's just a cheap mouse? Maybe has something to do with the mouse pad and darker and lighter areas of it?

ShoobieRat 05-12-2005 12:12 PM


Surface trouble.

Him 05-12-2005 12:16 PM

Dam, mouse pads are so few and far between. And the ones that I can get, either are the same, or have more multi colored areas! BAH!


Counter-Strike 05-12-2005 12:21 PM

Mine does that, I have a Microsoft Intelli Optical Mouse, and in CS, sometimes is spazzes, and people think I speed hack :(

Snump 05-12-2005 12:43 PM

I have seen the same thing on my Linux machine but only with Logitech USB mice.
Come to think of it, it may have happened on my WIndows machine with the Logitech mouse. I don't believe it is a colored surface problem.
I have a cow pattern Gateway mousepad and it doesn't spazz over the white and black sections.

Him 05-12-2005 12:53 PM

I think it does matter, but only with the cheaper mice. I have an optical at home, but, actually, my mouse bad is all black. :p

like I said, it is a dell mouse. Any mouse that is suppled with a mchine is crap IMHO. All the mice that I have ever got with a factory machine (I stopped getting factory machines years ago) have died pretty quick.

SkyHi 05-12-2005 01:17 PM

Just don't use a mouse pad.


silence782 05-12-2005 01:21 PM

Because an optical mouse takes thousands of pictures a second to know how much to move the arrow on screen, it has a difficult time diferentiating the changes for solid color surfaces, like a uniform color desk or table.

Him 05-12-2005 01:30 PM

Man, who knew optical mice did so mcuh stuff! I bet the processing power in a mouse is greater than the first Pentiums. lol.

CrucialLabs 05-12-2005 01:32 PM

I have a logitech optical mouse and I havn't had that problem but I do know what you mean.

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