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Originally posted by B34ST1Y
the only thing keeping them alive in my perspective...is flashing BIOS and other...booting...purposes ....but if the manufacturers made it more standard to...oh say make...jumpdrives able to do all that as well...so anotherwords have it listening on the usb port in teh same manner as would the floppy drive....then we can bury the floppy disk and move on to things that are at least capable of walking next to a magnet and not losing your english term paper lol <---theres my two bits
There was an attempt to do this. About 5 years ago, there was a drive called a SuperDisk drive. It used a disk that looked a lot like a floppy, but held 120mb of data. The cool thing about the LS120's was that the drives could also use regular floppy disks, which made them really awsome for laptops (since back then most people did not have a burner in their laptop, and moving large files from machine to machine without a network was next to impossible.) The drives failed though because the LS120 disks cost about $30 a pop, and CD-burners became cheap 2 years later.

There just isn't a market for a multi-purpose drive anymore. You've got CD-burners, and thumb-drives, and for bigger stuff, you have external USB/firewire drives. The existence of easy to use data devices already exists.

Floppies have become a basic tool of ownership now. Your PC has a power button, a fan, and a floppy. It's just given.


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You don't need the floppy in your computer at all times either... My floppy is currently in my closet, I dust it off whenever I need it, installation is simple.

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Most cases come with a floppy drive slot (most have 2 even). Why not just leave it in the case all the time?

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I just picked one up for $2 at the surplus store, and it works fine. I use it every so often, and I stealthed all of my drives so it doesn't matter that its a different color than everything else.

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Floppy disks are still alive because manufacturers have realized that for small files to be accessed a floppy is a cheap way of doing so, saves them money and in the end saves us money. What's the point of putting a 1MB driver on a 750MB CD?
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Originally posted by ShoobieRat
Most cases come with a floppy drive slot (most have 2 even). Why not just leave it in the case all the time?
yea, most have 2 external 3.5inch bays. as for me, i use one for floppy, and i use the other for media card reader. the floppy has proved to be invaluable as a boot disk and when i flash my bios

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so with all the technology these days is ti a conspiracy among manufacturers that everybody is just ignoring the presence of floppy?
i mean mobo manufacturersconnector for floppy pc case makers put floppy bay companies make tonns of floppies and nobody really gives it much thought as why floppies are still around
i mean its probably cheaper to manufacture a 1.5 mb memory stick and put it into a floppy case
is there anyway around floppy?
why cant they card readers connect to floppy cable instead of usb?
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I dont have a floppy drive. Never needed one either.
so, umm, err yeah
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Kill two birds with one stone.

Pick up a Floppy / 8 in 1 media card reader combo drive.
mitsumi makes a nice one. I've use the floppy drive once and the media card reader I use almost every day.
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Crapppppppp!!!!!! floppies are the borest i can say.....they get spoiled within a week. floppy drives look dirty on new systems nowadays. instead you can buy a CD-RW and write data on it .....CD's have a long life and good quality and large quantitiy of data can be fed into it......i recommened to use CD's

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