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Default Flattened Ethernet jack

Recently, I had the signular pleasure of running a few hundred feet of Category 5e Indoor\Outdoor grade cable in and around my house. The locus of this effort is a ****ty little D-Link DI-624 router, which has a wireless capability but also has four RJ-45 ports in addition to the one hooked in to my cable modem. No jokes about the setup, I did not buy it, and I've been suffering under it for a very long time.
My computer is on the other side of the house, safely out of wireless range (protocol G). So I decided to wire up the house. Two weeks later working off and on I've got the cable down, two of three connections working, I plug in the final connection and... nothing.

For the other two connections I either connected the ethernet cable directly to the router, or terminated a length of cat 5 with a female RJ-45 jack. For the last connection, I used a male RJ-45 terminater.

I have a nasty feeling that my problem stems from my adamant refusal to shell out forty dollars for a crimping tool. I'm using a bare razor blade to unsheath these wires.

I carefully arranged the male terminator, crimped it's back with a pen, then tried to put it in. It did not, exactly, fit. I had to force it in.
No connection.
Basic troubleshooting, put it in another port to see if the first is busted, then test the other side, ect.. I knew the line itself was fine.
I put it in another port.
I had tried to put it in a port before that, some time ago to test another device. That port had ceased working, but I had failed to notice because it was a port I do not normally use.
The short story:
Three of four ethernet ports on my quasi-wireless router are flattened. That is to say, the golden connections that are usually inclining at a gentle angle are now quite flat.
I was using IDEAL brand RJ-45 male terminater jacks. If this is not a stupid oversight on my part, I suggest everyone stay the **** away from this product.
Does anyone know how to get these connectors back up, or at least render them viable again? The metal casing they are in is soldered onto the PCB, so I cannot get to the connecting device directly.
What the hell?
Obviously, I should have stopped when the jack did not fit right away, which goes against what experience with computer hardware has told me: If it doesn't slide in easily, that's because it is supposed to ****ing stay connected. Internal power cables, RAM (nasty generic brand RDRAM at least, as of three years ago), AGP\PCI slotted hardware, it all may require a little kinetic motivation to function properly. Not RJ-45 male terminators though. ****.

I am sure a replacement router can be procured at a reasonable price, but I am, alas, thrifty.

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I feel your pain, you should have bought one of those cable kits it comes with crimpers and end's and stuff

D-Link may give you an RMA, just dont mention flattnening the gold. How does a regular connection feel going into the router now?

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Without a crimping tool it is hard to get the vampire taps deep enough into the wires. Double check your wiring and make sure all of the pairs are in the right place. If so grab yerself a small flat bladed screwdriver and a hammer and gently tap the vampire taps in place - these i assume are what flattened the connectors on the router.

just to check your wire is not more than 100meters is it?

Then it is time to get that tiny screwdriver and spend hours and hours trying the sort our the connectors on your router.
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Longest cable length is 152 feet, well under the 295 foot (or 90 meter... don't think those work out exactly) maximum. Wired everything up in a starfish configuration to minimize the amount of wiring needed.
When you say vampire crimps, are you talking about the slot on the top of the RJ-45 jack towards the point of entrance for the wire, the slot on the underside next to the gold connectors, or something else?
I can run a fingernail through the connectors on the RJ-45 jack, it seems they have room to accomodate the receptors.
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on the end of the RJ45 head there are 8 gold connections, these are the vampire taps and need to be pushed down into the wires below
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