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Default First Pc's (or the oldest you can remember)

Im just wondering wut everybodys first Pc's (or the oldest you can remember) specs.

this is my old gateway 2000 from 1997

200mhz pentium socket 7
32mb ram
ATI Rage II integrated Graphics
2gig westen digital caviar
dont know speed just normal cd-drive
56k modem
200W powersupply
Windows 95 OS

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There is already a thread w/ this stuff in it.

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It was an old 286 that I got from my work. I don't even remember the specs.
so, umm, err yeah
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Tandy Color Computer II (CoCo), circa 1983.

No hard drive, 16KB RAM, no floppy drive... just a tape deck to save programs on tape. Used a regular TV for a monitor.

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486 SX (no math-coprocessor) 33 MHz BEAST!

I believe it had 4MB of RAM and a 170 MB HDD.

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a celeron 333mhz with intergrated graphics.
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ok i will do it again.
Atari 600
NAME 600 / 800 XL
TYPE Home Computer
YEAR 1982
KEYBOARD Mechanical keyboard
SPEED 1.79 (NTSC) / 1.77 (PAL) MHz
COPROCESSOR GTIA (video), POKEY (sound, I/O), ANTIC (video)
RAM 16 KB (600 XL up to 48 KB) / 64 KB (800 XL, expandable to 128 KB)
TEXT MODES five text modes, max: 40 x 24, min: 20 x 12
GRAPHIC MODES 16 graphic modes, maximum : 320 x 192
COLORS 256 (16 colors with 16 intensities)
SOUND 4 voices, 3.5 octaves
I/O PORTS Composite video output, cartridge slot, peripheral port (SIO), parallel bus, 2 joystick plugs
POWER SUPPLY External power supply unit

Was wondering why my fps on hl2 were so low? Any ideas?
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I had an early "laptop"

Intel 6mhz
256k RAM
10mb Hard Drive
Green Monochrome screen

All of this computing power packed into a 26 pound behemoth.

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386SX 8 MHz, 40MB Hard Drive, 1MB RAM, 256K integrated video memory.
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that is what i have now..... My hard drive space sucks.

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