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Default A few problems/ mostly hardware

I have a 17 inch flat, from Hyundai L70s. My graphic card is a Radeon 7200 or so, I forget.

As of 3 or 4 days ago, I would be viewing a site or doing work, and my monitor would just go blank, pitch black like it was turned off. However, the power light was still on. I found that if I turned the monitor off and back on it would work again. But this problem kept happening throughout the day. Than everything was fine for a few days, and now my monitor is totally broken. The light that indicates the ON/OFF status of the monitor turns on, than goes off and on and off...and it won't stop, and the screen itself is pitch black, empty.

I researched the L70s series to look for complaints and problems, but it seems like everyone's been pretty satisfied with it. The only thing I can think of, is that I know my graphic card is starting to ware down and not work as well as it use to. My computer freezes when I watch any type of video or view highend flash sites, however that could just be a virus I dunno, I've checked. Anyway, if anyone has the slightest idea of what to do please help me out.

PS - I noticed that around 6-7 months after each reformat I do, my computer starts to have the same problems again: Crashes while viewing video. listening to MP3s, computer gets really slowed down, hard time booting up (multiple restarts before it works). Whats going on? I usually go through and delete files stored in the temp. internet folder, I get rid of unused data, my hdrive always has 10-14GBs of empty space as well.

As always thanks for the help, advice, time and effort on your part.

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disable APM (advanced power management). also, if you disconnect it from the computer and turn it on do you get the 'check signal'? If not, its probably a faulty monitor. try another monitor and see what happens.

forget the apm, dont know what I was thinking, you got no signal Anyhow, try another monitor and also see if you get the check signal like I mentioned. If you get that, reseat your vid card.

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Hmmmmm...sounds to me like you need a new video card. Something fro the ATI 9000 series or, I think, the nVidia 5000 series should do. If it still doesn't work, then maybe your monitor has some sort of, I dunno, a defect to it. Maybe, maybe not. Only one way to find out though, right?
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Thanks for the quick responses. I tried to plug my monitor to my girlfriend's computer but it's giving me the same problem. So I guess its the monitor. I just went downstairs to check, yeah I'm not even getting a "no signal" reading from the monitor.

So my main question now is: Its highly NOT possible that my computer was responsible for the monitor malfunction right? Because I don't want to be responsible for blowing my gf's monitor as well.

How do I go about reseting my video card? and I've heard of this APM thing, but I can't seem to find it in any of the settings, I must be over looking it big time. Hmm...what else should I ask. Oh yeah, the graphic card...I am planning on getting a new computer thats why I'm still using out dated technology.

I want to get a new comp. but it seems like the Intel is heading towards the end of the P4 line. I just don't want to be the sucker that gets a brand new P4 only to find out the next month that the P5s are out. I mean, I totally wouldn't care if I got a P4 and 2 years later they were still making new P4s, but to get the last P4 right as the 5s come out would suck. But anyways thats a whole nother bag of worms, I doubt anyone cares to hear about.
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