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The default running frequency for a 2400 is 1.8ghz,
Wow good god an entire page of incorrect information.

The 2400+ XP chip's DEFAULT speed is 2GHz people. Don't try and argue this because I have both the 2400+ XP and the 35w 2400+ XP-M <---- THAT one is default 1.8GHz speed.

With stock fan and no case fans and my side panel open my 2400+ ran at 64C IDLE, I put on the heatsink from the coolermaster jet with some AS5, took a 60mm and 80mm fan that spun opposite directions but blew air in the same direction to get a compressor and my temp is at 54C Idle....but that's beyond the point. I don't know why everyone is telling you that the default speed is 1.8GHz because IT IS NOT I'll take a damn screenshot of my 2400+ running at it's default 15x133 and I assure you that doesn't equal up to 1.8GHz, it's only the mobile version that's 1.8GHz by default.

Are you sure your heatsink is properly seated? Do you have an aftermarket heatsink? Did you apply new grease to it, but failed to see the existing thermal pad on the stock heatsink because that will cause all sorts of problems. I've found that the 2400+ XP's like to run kind of hot, you, me, and numerous people in forums I've seen have high temps without adequate aftermarket heatsinkage or good case cooling.

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I'm not so sure about that. If I remember correctly, my 2400+ X , which I'm positive is the model of my cpu... ran at 1.8ghz stock... a few days ago... I decided to overclock it to 2ghz.... and it heated up bad [~55C]. I'm not sure what the 35W 2400+ XP-M cpu is [is it the mobile one?]..... but I'm pretty sure I don't have that model... so I guess maybe I'm not so positive about the model of my cpu after all..... lol.

Btw my idle dropped down to ~37C now... which is a lot better.

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I asked whether the op had the mobil or not, because i know they are clocked differently. Either way, it seemed to be running warmer than it should. So something seemed wrong.
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Man I'm telling you, I got the 35w 2400+ XP-M (yes this is the mobile) running in this computer right now, in my computer just across the hall I have my 2400+ XP chip in there, are you trying to tell me you don't have an AMD Athlon 2400+ XP?? Because that's what I have and it's default is 15x133 = 2GHz I've had it long enough and messed with it long enough to know this. Mine was at 64C idle with stock cooling and no case fans, so I don't know why you are worried about 55C, if you don't have a good aftermarket heatsink and good case air flow then 55C is exactly the temperature you should have and of COURSE it's going to heat up from going from 1.8 to 2.0GHz, but I'm telling you that's it's default speed.

Here's an SS of my 35w 2400+ XP-M OC'd and nicely cooled.

The 35w 2400+ XP-M is definitely a must for OC'ing

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