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okok 02-04-2004 09:03 AM

external HD USD enclosure

I bought a new HD for my notebook computer and tried to use an external USB enclosure in order to be able to access my old files.

The encolsure didn't work at all - although its lights turned on the computer (both under win98 and XP) didn't even respond to its connection as it should have.

When inside my computer, the drive I used with the external device works fine.

My questions:

1. Does this mean there is a problem with the enclosure, or can there be a different reason?

2. What should happens when a HD with several partitions is put into such an enclosures - will they appear as different drives under windows, or is there reason to expect problems?

Many thanks!

mikesgroovin 02-04-2004 09:39 AM

I use a similar device. I have a 2.5 laptop hard drive enclosure. At first, I took my laptop drive out and placed it into the enclosure. I then plugged the USB port in and the lights came on and I could hear the needle on the drive platter moving. But the OS wouldn't recognize it. This was because of a lack of power. I then plugged in the power adapter that came with the enclosure (simple AC input into the back of the enclosure that converted to a PS/2 adapter) and then the drive started to spin up fine. The OS recognized it right away. Does your enclosure have a similar power cable?


okok 02-04-2004 09:42 AM

Yes, my enclsure has a power cable, and I tried to use it both with and wihout the cable, with the same result...

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