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atd332 11-30-2004 07:52 PM

Everest Program innacurate, Fact or Myth?
Yea guys, my Bios and other computer details tell me that my ram is 2700, and i downloaded Everest finding that it was quite a handy program and now its telling me that its DDR SDRAM 3200...who do i believe?

GeckoEcho421 11-30-2004 07:53 PM

Take it out of your computer and look at it. It probobly has it printed on it or it has a sticker with the type and amount of ram.

GageMW 11-30-2004 08:08 PM

maybe you got lucky? :-P sometimes they ship better/worse parts in same packet

atd332 11-30-2004 08:32 PM

Ok guys i took out the chip, and it says 3200! 400Mhz
ok now the question, does my mainboard SUPPORT 3200 if it only sees it as 2700? will this slow down my ram Speed or mess anything up or am i really getting 2700 speeds or is that innacurate? also, i can prolly find out what I support if i look up mainboard, but i have the caes off and i dont see where it would sya the maker of the mainboard or the model #, and Everest says unknown for Motherboard Name it gives a mother board ID but just a date with a bunch of Numbers... it does say front side bus properties and chipset bus properties, the chipset bus type is Via V-Link and the front side bus type is DEC Alpha Ev6. Any help?

atd332 11-30-2004 08:37 PM

Ok guys a little more looking around i found the model number its an A7V8X-LA, and it takes me to an HP site and it says its made by ASUS, BUT it says max ram supported is 2700mb/s... so now what? I got 3200 ram installed, but max supported is 2700, is this going to make my ram REALLY slow even performing below 2700? or am i getting full 2700 output?

ccrraazzyy 12-01-2004 03:16 AM

not really. It will just only run at 2700 and no faster. Its like putting a 8x agp card in a 4x slot. It will just run at the supported speed. Cheers

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