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Default DVD Formats

Can someone plz Explain the different DVD formats and their difference

i think its DVD RW + and - and another one?

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Well it depends on the writer, some DVD writers can only write to certain formats such as +rw or -rw. The only real difference i have heard is that DVD+RW is somewhat newer technology and allows you to write to a disk progressively so you can continue to add information to the disk as you go. The only problem with this is that not all drives will be able to read the information if you do this. The DVD-RW are better for usage with things like your home DVD player. They are more widely compatable but will require you to finalize your session when you write to the disk so you will not be able to add more things later on without clearing the disk if its RW or just living with what you have if its R. The other, I think, is DVD-RAM. I'm not to familiar with that. The DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD-R are the main ones and should get done whatever you would need to do. If anyone knows whats up with the DVD-RAM, let me know.

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I believe this is similar to the VHS/Beta wars when video tape formats started becomng popular. Sony came up with the +R and +RW standards. The -R and -RW standards were already in existence before that. Maybe it has to do with some manufacturers trying to avoid paying royalty fees to their competitors. Only time will tell which format will win out. From what I have read, the -R format seems to be the most compatible especially with DVD movie players. However, I have seen specs on DVD players that claim to play all of the formats.
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DVD-Ram is mainly used for archiving (storing data ....similar to a HDD in that the data does not have to be written 'in order' on the disk).

As for the other formats (+/-) they are different ways of writing data to a recordable DVD (either R or RW) designed for that format of writing. Both methods use a dye layer on the DVD that is etched with laser during the burn (but via different writing methods).....but

....normal DVD's (the type you buy with a film on it... ie DVD-Video) do not use a dye layer at all.......

...so as you can see the +/- formats (when not used for data but as a back up copy of a movie) are emulating a REAL DVD-Video disk.....and neither is perfect.

Neither format is 'better' than the other and neither format is more widespread in being 'readable' on standalones.

Its not like vhs/beta as the machines already exist (the DVD Players) and so do the media (DVD-VIDEO).

So the end result is SOME DVD players read one recordable format, some both, some neither......and the biggest thing is NOT the format at all.........its the media (the recordable DVD) that is used........so BUY a dual or triple (with DVD-RAM) format DVD Burner and select your media wisely.....and if your newly burnt DVD dont play on your player.....use the other format.

By the way....the more modern a DVD player the more likely it will play both recordable formats as hardware technology is always improving....both my players (different brands) state DVD-R playback only, but work just as good with DVD+R's (supposedly not supported).........which isn't surprising, as, like I said, its more to do with the quality of the media.....not the emulation of a DVD-Video.
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in a few months you will start to see the new cutting edge dual layer, single-sided DVD burners and discs. they will have an enormous 8GB capacity on only 1 side of the disc. so start saving up here is a listing and explanations of all the formats:

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