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Old 02-04-2005, 08:02 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Do Not Buy Alienware!!!!

they rip you off and claim that they should

they compare alienware to custom built pcs and say that they suck..... and they show all the steps required to get alienware and a custom pc.... they have about 6 extra unnecessary steps.

build vs buy

click on the catergories on the left. Style was perticularly interesting "A Generic Grey Box"
Shopping is another good catergory: "A Time Consuming Unreliable Shopping Experience" ummm... since when is and a bad shopping experience? ( is on top, is on bottom, i dont know whats in the middle)

i was reading overclockersclub forums and the alienware discussion there was intense.
Alienware blows.DO NOT BUY ALIENWARE!!!!!

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Lol, those 19 steps they list are what makes building your own computer fun for those that do it! Funny how they try to use them as negatives. Also funny how when you build your own they list "wait for components to arrive" as a step and don't list "wait for system to arrive" when you buy from them... I guess they teleport it to you .

Sometimes marketing can be a bit f'ed up... propoganda-ish, etc. It shouldn't be surprising.

From what I've seen in reviews in magazines, Alienware builds great high end PCs. Sure they are pricey, but if you have the money and want the performance/styling, then it's probably worth it.

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I almost bought an Alienware, back when I was too intimidated to build. I faced my fear and I'm so glad I did.
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Erg, they make it sound like brain surgery. Im building my system at the moment, I hope its not as hard as they would like people to think! I'm just hoping to just do what my head tells me, follow instructions, and if something comes up, look online for a guide. Troubleshoot issues that arrive is listed twice! Research every componants settings, thats not really necessary, is it? Anything that you would need to do will come with a book, and if it dosn't come with a book it should be simple enough to not need one.
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meh, it'sn ot that hard to build a's fun too....but i've heard alienware does give a good can't bocott them for just those 19 steps.....if they run like poop..then ya...but they don't....*shrugs*
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Yeah, I don't know. That guide is gay, but is has nothing to do with the quality of their computers. If I had to recommend a pre-built to someone it would still be alienware.

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Hehehehehe, interesting link

Don't think Alienware blows though, they make the best PC's in the world. Do you think Falcon Northwest and Voodoo sucks too?

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Alienware kinda does blow, their overpriced and heavy into marketing now.

Their's better custom PC places i have seen, and building your own is alot better.
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Originally posted by beedubaya
I almost bought an Alienware, back when I was too intimidated to build. I faced my fear and I'm so glad I did.
Yea, same here. Alienware makes their computers look so cool and they make you think that they are very very good computers...and then they bill you...A BIG BILL!

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Yeah, as I've said time and time again, you're paying for the name more than anything else.

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