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Default DMI problem

Hey, my cousin is an editor for a magazine, and she is currently writing a book on our province, and well hjer computer decioded tonigh t, just a few days before she was done with it, that it would screw her over. So i was sent in adn well i was just owndering if there ws any way to save the hard disk when it get stuck at the DMI pooling or something like that, cant remmember excat phrase right now. Well it hangs here at boot.

i think either she has a boot sector virus because i botted with a boot disk and everything on her drive is fine, so i will back it up, but is there anyway to get this drive operational again?

thanks!! i need any help before tomorrow, if possible, thanks a million guys!!!

WinXP Pro
P4 2.5 Ghz/socket 478/400FSB/512L2
512 megs PC800 Rambus
ABIT TH7II-Raid mobo
128MB Nvidia FX 5200 Home Theatre w/TV out and Remote
80 Gig Western Digital/8mb Cache/7200 RPM\'s
20 gig Fujitsu/2mb Cache/5400 RPM\'s
48x40x48/16X Dvd/CD-Burner
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dmi pool error sounds more like the operating system is corrupted than a virus. reinstall her operating system after you saved all her files to floppy disks or on another storage media.

you can hook her hard disk up to your computer to copy the files if they are too large. saving data is very important so make sure you don't miss anything important.

after saving data you need to reinstall the operating system. installing an operating system is different depending on which one it is. the most common are windows 98/ME/ 2000/XP.

doing it this way from scratch requires that you have all your device drivers and software ready before you begin.

before you try that please understand that many computer manufacturers have restore cd's. this makes it more simple, all you have to do is put the restore CD in the cd-rom drive and restart the machine. you than follow the directions given.

this method is easier than doing it from scratch which requires more knowledge, learning. I've only given you general help, you will propably need to ask more questions and give us more details of the computer you will be fixing.

please list the operating system it had, and the make / model of it.

as for checking for boot sector virus here's alink to the norton anti-virus software. you can download a free trial version and use it for a limited period of time. click "try now!" to download it:

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Default My thoughts on DMI Pool freezes and delays

Ok, I have had numerous experiences with the dreaded DMI pool freezing are my findings and thoughts

I do not believe that it is a hard drive issue as much as it is a MB issue. When people have success by installing another hard drive, that is most likely from some CMOS Setting being reset in some manner and thus eliminating the problem...the DMI Pool as far as I know, exists in the Bios...correct me if I am wrong.

I have had DMI pool freezes, and DMI pool (long) delays before boot ie 2 to 5 minutes and then it will boot and act normal. Sometimes running fdisk /mbr will work...though again I think it is not to do directly with the hard drive, but rather a setting that gets reset in the Bios and corrects problem. Sometimes doing the other changes to the Bios will trip the correction

One thing is for sure…a DMI freeze can be triggered from a new piece of hardware especially from a NIC Card.

I had the strangest occurrence of the DMI pool very is the scenario:

I recently repartitioned and formatted a drive for an ABIT BH6 MB flashed with the latest Bios and Loaded with 256 Megs Ram and a Pentium III 550E processor. I installed a fresh copy of windows 98 SE and proceeded along like all other 10,000 times I have before. Everything was great. Operating system installed with no glitches…and all drivers loaded easily, I had forgotten to put in my LAN card however, so the next thing I did was install it and reboot, and WHAM! A huge delay verifying the DMI pool…not a total freeze, but a good 3 minutes before the machine would wake up and finish booting. So I tried the obvious, and uninstalled the NIC Card, and Walla! no more delay…reinstall card, and DMI delay again. So, the obvious thought is bad card…right? Well, I tried 3 more different makes of cards and always the same thing…Now it is getting to be ridiculous, so I tried all the tricks in the book with the Bios and replaced all things like IDE Cables; RAM etc. Tried fdisk /mbr and even went so far as to reload operating system on another drive…and still same thing!!! So aggravating!! Ok, so I finally decide to tell client that it is an “added layer of protection against any quick start surges” to have a long delay and that it is a good thing…just kidding J I decided that I could accept a 3 minute delay if that was how it had to be…So I went ahead with configuring the Network settings in order to get connected to the network and internet…One of the things I had to change was the default setting of “Microsoft Family Logon” to “Clients for Microsoft Networks”, and of course being Win 98, I had to reboot……you are not going to believe it, as I can hardly still, but the computer then rebooted normally, and has never since gone into DMI freeze!!! I haven’t the slightest clue as to why or how that could be, bit it turns out to be that I needed to have the Windows 98 Network settings set to “Clients for Microsoft Networks”, and that solved it?

Hope this might help anyone so they don’t put in the 20 hours or so trying to fix problem. If anyone has any ideas why, this might have happened, please share.

Bye all and sorry for such lengthy explanation.

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