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Default Digital Camera and TVs

Hello everyone,
I have a digital camera (fortinos mini one 20$ roughly) and I bought a much better one. Now I own a boat and what I want to do is send the camera down on the end of one of our fishing rods and view the images from up top on my Portable DVD Player. What I need to do is get a device or DIY sorta thing that you plug the USB into and then on the other side is a Video connection for my DVD player. I am also wondering if there might be a connection on the PCB that I may be able to saulder to for video...

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

PS just pretend I want to plug a Digital Camera into a TV..

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Default Re:


It all depends...what types of interface does your portable DVD player and your digital camera support? Also, does your digital camera support a live video stream output?

By the sounds of seems that you only have a digital camera capable of capturing stills, but not outputting a live video stream. If this were the case your camera would only have a USB port, and no video outputs such as composite video.

If you only have a USB interface on your camera, then it is simply imposibly to somehow connect it to a television or portable DVD player, for a live stream. There is no mod for this, hardware or adaptor which can provide this feature.

Some digital camera have a video output interface such as composite, which allow for a connection to a Television or VCR for example. In this case your portable DVD player would need to have an input composite video interface. Using a composite video cable, it is possible to connect your camera to the portable DVD player. However, not all cameras output a live stream while in capture mode. Some digital cameras only allow an output of pre-recorded videos or captured digital stills already on the camera's memory.


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Hello again,

Thanks for the reply my camera only has a USB connection but it can go into webcam mode on the computer. That sucks that there is no mod or anything lol

Thanks again
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Send a message via AIM to timmer

uve got quite the job ahead of you.
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lol ya, Well I got over excited (lmao) and last night I put the camera in a jar filled half way with rocks to sink it. It weighs about 5 pounds. Here's what I did: I took the camera and opened it up. The two problems I had at this point were how to "take the picture" so I took the shutter button and de-soldered it. I went in my box of parts and found a switch that I took out of an old computer case. I used this one because it is clicky is makes a noise when you click it. I went to the dollar store and bought 2 phone line extensions (cheap wire) 25 feet each. I plugged them into each other and wrapped the connection in several layers of colour coding tape to seal it up. I cut then ends off of my new 50 feet cable. I soldered two of the wires to the shutter button (black and white). Then on the other end I soldered the new button. I tried it out and all went well!! Next I needed a way to know if it was actually taking pictures.. So I re-wired the peizo speaker the same way I did the button then the buzzer was on the other end of the 50 feet line. It all worked again. So now I have a camera with 50 feet of line coming out of the shutter button hole. I then go to my neighbour hood park and get some stone.. enough to fill it half way. I came home and covered the stone in foil (terrible idea and workmanship on this part lol) to create a.. flat spot. I next found an empty coffee jar.. and peeled the label off. I drilled a hole in the lid of the coffee jar and ran the 50 feet through it... so that there was 49.8 inches on the outside and 2 inches on the inside lol. I did this so that I could connect the camera to the computer via USB. (still works). I then remembered that I would need a light. I found an empty Kernels Popcorn flavour container in my kitchen. They are about 3 inches high and about an inch in diameter and the lid screws off. I found a 12 volt light in my box of parts and pushed it to the end of the clear Kernels container. I drilled a small hole in the cap and ran the wires out of the holder and then into the hole on the top of the coffee jar to make connections to a 12 volt supply. (cigarette lighter onboard boat). I got out my roll of wire and cut two 53 feet lengths and tied knots on the ends of one of the 50 foot length. (ground) I then taped the wires every 8 - 12 inches down the phone line. I fed the ends of the wires into the jar and connected the light to them. I tested it with my computers power supply and it worked great. BRIGHT!! lol. Now what is left to do is mount the camera inside somehow and water proof the jar and light with hot glue gun or caulking. The only other task to do is make a holder for the button in the boat like a hand-held thing and attatch the ends of the light connections to a cigarette adaptor I have laying around. That is it the project will be done.

These are some pictures of it in all of its glory.. there will be more today when I finish the rest of it (by 4ish est).
This is the Underwater Camera

This is a close-up of the light

All of the wire used

A close up on the Camera used

The whole package

The peizo speaker... on the other end of 50 feet of line (going to be on a handheld thing soon)

The clicky button (shutter button) (will be on a handheld thing soon)

The light connections (going to be attatched to a cigarette adaptor soon)

Me holding the beast.

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Hello everyone,
I finally completed the camera and it works great (aside from I need to super glue the light to the jar [not hot glue]). I put the camera in my outdoor pond which is only deep enough to cover about 3/4 way up the area where the camera captures... so there is a line of greenish blue going across the picture. These photographs are of the same place I did not move the camera... Hope u like em!


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