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Default Differnce between Hyperthreading and hypertransport?

what the diffence between Hyperthreading and Hypertransport? or is it one and the same thing only differnet names for amd and intel?

i'm buying a new system for architectural rendering and am looking at the AMD Athlon 64 but can't decide whether to get the 3000+, 3200+ or 3500+ version on a 939 board.

I may have a go at overclocking if that makes any diffence to my selection but have never built a system from scratch before - only ever added a few new parts.

if anybody has a good link for tutorials or basics about building a system it would be much appreciated.


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Intel Hyper Threading is kind of an emulated dual core thing. It is suposed to help process multiple threads at once.

AMD's Hypertransport is completely different. It has to do with a sort of "on board fsb."

Not a very techicle answer, but in short, they are completely different technologies.


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are the AMD athlon 64 3200+ hyperthreaded?

am i correct in thinking that the new intel pentium chips are hyperthreaded?

does the motherboard have to support hyperthreading?
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intel has hyperthreading...it's for their processor.
yes, NEW intel chips are hyperTHREADED. new as in p4

amd has hyperTRANSPORT...it's for their bus speed pertty much. tha's how they can get 2000mhz of bus speed comparred to intels 800mhz. i beleive only 64 bit has hypertransport

both technologys make it go fast, but totally different.

i'm not sure, but i'm assuming all p4 boards will support the technology
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OK. i'm getting the idea i've got some of this messed up in my head!!

i'm about to order a new pc with an AMD athlon 64 3200+ but was worried that i'd be missing out on this hyperthreading technology and therefore rendering performance, as the machine will be for architectural visualisation.

would i be correct in thinking that the end performance of an AMD athlon 64 3200+ with its hypertransport will rougly the same as a relatively similar priced Intel P4 with hyperthreading?

sorry if this is stupid but i just want to make sure before i press the order button and waste my hard earned cash!!
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Hyperthreading simulates dual core or dual processor.

An 3200+ would be slightly better than what Intel has in the same price range as well. However for people running alot of multitasking, hyperthreading helps.

To have an amd with "hyperthreading" you will need to wait for their dual core chips. However if you buy a SKT 939 mobo right now, you can later upgrade to a dual core chip easily.
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For my 2 cents, I would stick with the AMD. The hyperthreading of the P4 allows for multiple processes to acecss the processor at the same time, wher hypertransport of the AMD allows for faster processing times.

With rendering, you're going to want the processing speed as opposed to multitasking. In the end you're righ to choose the AMD.

I'm with ya though, it'd be nice to get a processor with both hyperthreading and hypertransport.

PS. I know some of the terminology in here is vague. Take it for what it's worth.

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well wouldn't the best bet is to wait and have amd come out with there duals and then just do it that way because he can buy a "cheap" processor and use that till AMD comes out with there's and pretty much there you got htt and hypertransport?
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Hypertransport is the link (bus) between the CPU's integrated memory controller and the system RAM. This eliminates the need to communicate through the North Bridge.
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I'm an amd man, but intel's are better for rendering.
Hardware encoders are even better(it don't care what computer it is hook up to), but they are expensive ($600.00-$14,000.00) . I
buy mine's off of EBAY

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