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Old 02-24-2005, 12:51 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Desktop PC - Laptop Monitor Question

Is it possible to connect a Desktop PC, using the monitor cable out, to a Laptop and being able to see the PC desktop on the Laptop's Monitor?

I am working on a project and any information on this topic would be great!



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Old 02-24-2005, 02:45 PM   #2 (permalink)
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i wouldnt think so... unless your laptop has a capture card, for vid input, and your desktop pc has a composit video out on the display adapter.

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yes, jolancer is right.

usually the 15 pin VGA coming out of the laptop to any external monitor source is just that...output only.

you can show image FROM the laptop unto a CRT for instance, but not the other way around, unless like jolancer stated, you have a vid input card.
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Old 02-03-2006, 08:02 AM   #4 (permalink)
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Yes, you can!

It involves a lot of hacking up the computer. But the vga cable INPUT to the laptop monitor contains basically the same connection as a 15 pin monitor cable, as well as a couple extra pins (or they may be separate connectors in some laptops) that are used to power the display... you would have to have a spare 15 pin monitor cable (which you could cut off any old 15 pin spare junk monitor, but make sure it has all fifteen pins) and cut the cable off near the back of the old monitor. Then there is a LOT of testing to do to verify which pins lign up with the LDC's display. Of course your laptop would still need to be turned on to power up the LCD display, unless the power connector is contained in the DISPLAY connector, then you have opened up a new can of worms.

Basically, if you have an OLD dead laptop that you don't mind disassembling and spending a lot of time doing the trial and error reverse engineering task, then this would be a good starting point. The thing is, there is no guarantee that the Desktop will utilize 100% of the LCD's area, and since it has no function buttons, you will probably not be able to adjust the screen's vertical and horizontal positioning. It is a lot of work just to find out you can only see the top left hand corner of the desktop down in the bottom right of the LCD display, or even upside-down. I would recommend using a Volt-Ohm meter and plug the CUT OFF cable into an old PC, and turn it on, then test each wire's output, then with the laptop running unplug the LCD and test each one of the tiny connections where the LCD plugs into the laptop motherboard (not the LCD cable connector, but where it plugs into the mobo of the laptop itself.)

If it is a laptop that you need to have running tomorrow for work, I'd forget about it, since it really isn't worth the trouble, but IT IS possible to work out.

If I were you, I'd just create a Network Crossover Patch cable, and put WinVNC on both computers, then you'll be able to use EITHER computer backwards to display each PC's viewable desktop on the other.

I'm trying to find technical data on this myself, if anyone has ever done it successfully. I have a fairly old (800 mhz) HP laptop that someone lost the power cable, and the battery wont hold a charge, so they just dropped it off and said I could have it. I'd like to mount just the display on the wall and use it like a monitor, and I will succeed.

I will post results here F.Y.I. once I'm done but due to my sporadic schedule it may take a few days/weeks.


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Also, when I'm done, I will probably take an old video card, and take the monitor connection off it and hard mount it to the display so I will be able to use a double ended monitor cable, as well as a 12 volt female plug to use an a/c step-down transformer.

**Keep in mind the older laptops have larger, easier to use connectors, whereas the newer ones are TEENY TINY, and usually have a spare circuit that plugs into the board with the power buttons on them, which will require even MORE custom 'rigging' and taping and soldering.

Overall, unless you just WANT to do something like this, and I do, it is REALLY difficult, and a complete waste of time if you are not familiar with disassembly of laptops/notebooks.

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