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duncan 03-25-2005 02:51 PM

dell power supply
I have a dell dimension pc - today it wouldn't turn on - does anyone know if there is a way to test the power supply before I spend money on a new one - PS-5021-7D - there are two plugs going to the mother board - i think one of them is the main supply for the board and the other i think is the low voltage control power that goes to the on/off switch - there is no voltage on this - or any of the output plugs - but without the circuit diagram I don't know if there should be without them being plugged in - don't really know about hardware so please help - might save me a few quid.

duncan 03-25-2005 02:53 PM

also - couldn't find a fuse anywhere - are PS normally fused - thought it would have to be near to where the mains live comes in?

SHAWN 03-25-2005 02:54 PM

compusa sells PSU testers. you can also use a voltmeter

duncan 03-25-2005 02:56 PM

I have a voltmeter - there is no voltage on any of the outputs - I just wanted to be sure that this means the PS if broke??

SHAWN 03-25-2005 02:58 PM

check on the motherboard where the plug from the front button goes into. It plugs into 2 pins. Unplug the power switch and use a screw driver to touch both pins. That is the manual way to turn on a pc. if that doesnt work then you are not getting any power and the go for a replacement PSU. BTW is your dell under warranty?

duncan 03-25-2005 03:06 PM

no - unfortunately not - too old!! like me

HAVOC 03-25-2005 03:36 PM

Well, if you want to buy yourself a new PSU for a DELL PC there is only one place I would recommend you to buy from.


Most DELL cases only fit PSU's without ON/OFF Switches.

Personally I have upgrade my stock 250w PSU that came with my Dell Dimension 8300 to a 500w PSU from PC Power& Cooling.

Good Luck!

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