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sdram = synchrounous dynamic random access memory

SDR = single data rate

DDR = double date rate

SDRAM doesn't mean single data rate ram, only SDR SDRAM means that

its like a highway . . .

SDR SDRAM is like a 2-lane highway with 1 lane on each side

DDR SDRAM is like a 4-lane highway with 2 lanes on each side

obviously, DDR SDRAM is gonna have better "traffic flow"

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oh ok, thanks for the example bro.

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yes, and those MBD's have special slots for the SDR, but if he has an older MBD he can NOT just get DDR and pop it in there. The newer ones have support for DDR and SDR, true, but not in the same slot. Its called to many damn pins. oh yeah, the reason I am stating this is on his post he says 'old rig' so I'm guessing its pre PIV, so thats why. His old MBD will NOT work with DDR SD, so he will need a new MBD. Since he is doing that, his old processor may not work if its old enough because the voltage may fry it AND it may not fit the current socket. So with that said, he may need new MBD, processor for use of DDR.
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Ones motherboard must be fit for running ddr and sdram simoltaniously. The motherboard pci slots must be in the configuartion of the ram, meaning one can not put ddr in a sdram slot but instead the motherboard must come equipt with a pair of ddr slots. If your motherboard is this old this would be at 0 chance probablity that it would have two types of socktis. However, if it does you would not want to run the ram side by side simply because it is a bottleneck. Ram runs as alow as the weakest link whitch would be the sdram making the ddr ram usless as it would be running on the sdram circit and infact running at 100 or 133.

You may get a new motherboard with a differn't sockit than your cpu and still make it work. But you have to buy a converter if you dont want to spend money on a new cpu.

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