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they have the 6800go now and it should power through anything else but compatibility in most laptops might be a problem, but just figured ive give you the warning on that.


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yes, but the 6800 is for pci-e laptops

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are you sure? i could've sworn i saw an article that said it was AGP? i could be wrong but do you have a link?(im not trying to start an argument or anything)

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Default Re: custom building a laptop, need help with cpu

What you put into your laptop comes down to the barebone that you use.
Originally posted by nitrag
1) how does the centrino compare to the P4?
2) how do the p4 and athlon 64 compare speed wise
3) if i go with the 64, i have the feeling ill be able to do everything fine, as long as it works 10min of encoding isn't going to make the difference to me...
4)which will give me the best all around performance, reliability, longest life?
1. Go the Centrino. The Centrino CPU is designed for Mobile Environments. It's been tweeked for the following :-
- better battery life
- better wireless cominication. In fact, a Centrino notebook MUST come with on board wireless.
Yes, there are some manufactures that supply Centreno Notebooks with out onboard wireless.
- better proformace with Office Applications.

I would avoid going for a P-IV processor on a notebook because of the over heating issues. Lost count the number of times I have seen a notebook chassis warp (even melt) due to heat from the CPU.

2. For a notebook enviroment, I focus more on Relabilty before Performance when it comes down to notebooks.

3. Is still don't feel comfortable with AMD in a Notebook enviroment mainly due to heating issues. But then again, when i see PRESCOTT in a notebook enviroment and I really get scared.

4. Relability is a key issue with notebooks. Go for the Centrino.

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nitrag -

this past April i did what you are planning to do, configured my own laptop.

these are my specs :

Athlon64 3000+
1GB pc2700 ddr (2x512mb)
60GB 5,400rpm HDD
Radeon mobility 9600Pro 128mb
DVD/CD-Rw combo
XP Home
15" screen @ 1400 by 1050

PROs: the battery life is great w/ AMD64 CPU's, about


stays far cooler than a P4 3.0gHz> CPU, but i still wouldn't place it on your lap for a long time.

runs windows applications like a breeze.

boots up and shuts down extremely fast!

can play Doom3 AND HalfLife2 on HIgh settings! (keeping it plugged in greatly increases performance)

better than luggin' a whole desktop to LAN parties.


8 1/2lbs (9 1/2lbs w/ adapter) you're shoulder will hate you.

unfortunately M$ service pack 2 decreases ALL laptops performance, no way around that.

little internal speakers are awful but makes up for it in it's internal 5.1 surround hookup capibility.

how much?

i priced the (almost) exact same system specs at VoodooPc, Alienware and Dell's XPS and they all wanted at least $2,900.

i got mine from iBuypower for $1,700 back in April, it was really well worth it to pick out what you wanted.

i would seriously consider looking at the Radeon 9800 mobility VPU's out now or get a Radeon 9700 VPU a little cheaper. i also hear good things coming from the nVidia line.

what else can i say, this laptop does everything i've wanted and more. it's awesome!

good luck w/ your build!

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