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Old 01-25-2004, 11:41 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default CPU Questions

What is the difference between Intel 2.8CGHz and 2.8 GHz?
What is HT function support?
I suppose OEM means processor only, while retail sales contains heatsink and fans? And would it be better if I buy the retail one or should I look for better fans myself?
Are there alots of programs out there that is 64 bits? Is win XP 64 bits? Or there is another XP OS that supports 64 bits?
What are benchmarks?

Thanks for answering.

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Xp supports 32 bit 64 bit Win's which is a working title called Longhorn isnt coming out till late 05.Besides beta there are no 64 bit OS's well cept for high end server's.Are no games or program's out ether.

Only differance i know between 2.8 ghz is the front side bus comes in 2 difernt speed's 800 and 533 or 400 forget.

HT is Hyper threading lets you do more thing's at once.

OEM Orginal Equipment manufacturer's it will list what comes with it but generaly they dont update OEM product's.My DvD burner is OEM came with wirer's and nero software.

Bah forgot benchmark's.You run each computer the same and keep track of frames per second,electrcity used, and how fast it takes a program to finish.Once you get your base line.You swap out what your testing say video card's.You pop in and out video cards keeping track of FPS and such.

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the original pentium4 are 533Mhz bus and the C version is 800Mhz bus. there might be some differences in cache too. C must be better apparently.
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HT, yeah, hyper threading. the C means that that pentium uses hyper threading. this means you can overclock a P4 with less risk. meaning you save alotta money which can be used for, of course, more attempts at conquering the world with your computer... i mean upgrades
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The P4C has an 800 Mhz FSB and the B has a 533. This means that the processors pipeline that it transfers info to the motherboard and then memory is 267Mhz faster on the C. This also means that DDR memory when running in dual channel is the same speed as the FSB, which is important because if the two aren't the same speed then there is lag, or latency. The C also has Hyper-Threading which makes windows treat your processor as if it were 2 processors. This provides a performance boost in most programs. I have a 2.8C and love it. If you are looking at an Intel processor, you should definatly get a C.
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there are actually 3 versions of pentium4. with the following CPU effective FSB: 400Mhz (A), 533Mhz (B), and 800Mhz (C).

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