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350ztn 04-29-2005 04:27 PM

Copying data locks up server (detailed)
this is a bit legthy but I want to make sure I haven't left any gaps...The server is a Supermicro Superserver W2k server ed. with SP4 and all other current updates. All firmware and bios are up to date. The adaptec 2005s drives the backplane which is connected to the 5 drives. 2 drives configured in a Raid 1 (C:\ & D:\) and have the OS and program files loaded on them. Raid 5 (F:\) contains the data. I can copy data from C: to D:, I can copy data from F: to the C: or D:, I can't copy large amoutns of data from either C: or D: to the F: drive. I can copy small amounts of data to the F:\ drive but nothing over about 200MB at one time. If I go to a client PC on the network I can copy large amounts of data from the client PC to the F:\ it is only local on the server. I have even went as far as replacing the Raid 5 with different drives, of a different brand, and rebuilding the raid 5 and still the same copy problem...what do I try next?
Mod-s I posted this in software as well b/c I'm unsure if it is hardware or software causing the problem...

Him 04-29-2005 04:31 PM

Does it lock up when small data transfers are done? My friend had the EXACT same problem, but with different specs. His cpu was overheating. Is that the case?

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