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Default Computer too hot?

Just installed a new motherboard and CPU and I have a question about the CPU temperature. The motherboard is a MSI KM4AM-V and the CPU is a Sempron 2800+. The heatsink/fan combo is CompUSA brand mirrored copper heatsink with 80x80x25mm at .14 amps.

Anyways, when I boot the computer up cold, immediately the CPU temperature is 49C and by the time it gets to Windows it idles already at 54-55C. When I run at 100% it levels out at 59-60C. I haven't run any graphic intensive programs yet that get my Radeon 9600XT going which I think might push the temperature over 60C. I thought that cold booting already at 49 was really odd so I updated the BIOS, unfortunately that didn't do anything.

This is my first mod, so my questions are:

1) Is it odd to cold start at such a high temperature already?
2) If these are the correct temperatures, is this something I should be worried about?

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Forgot, heres a picture from SpeedFan. Please let me know if you see anything unusual!

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If you go to the site that put out that chip they will give you the safe range for your chip.
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Yes thats hot for that chip. The Sempron AMD chip is like the Equivilant of a Celeron to a Pentium. Understand? So basicaly the clock speeds are slower and so whould the temps be lower. My old machine had a 2600+ Barton AthlonXP stock at 1.92ghz. I ran that thing up to 2.3ghz and my full load temp was 47C. So i would say youve got a problem. Make sure your using Artic Silver 5 and a THIN layer of it and make sure the heatsink is mounted right. If that dosent work then im pretty sure somebody will have something for you.
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Definately using Arctic Silver and it was definately a thin layer. The temperature just doesn't seem right at all, how does it get to 50C before I can even get to the BIOS menu? Thats why I thought the BIOS thermometer was possibly messed up, but I updated the BIOS and it didn't fix anything. I had the Sempron attached to an old motherboard for a day before I updated and the temperature was nowhere near that. BUT since it was an old mobo designed for a AthlonXP 1800+ it didn't even know what a Sempron was so that reading was probably off as well. Is there any utilities out there that can give the temperature without going through the BIOS?

IF these temperatures are correct, even though it's odd that it is so high my system should still be able to handle it no problem right? I'm pretty sure 60C is no big deal these days, and I don't plan on adding anything crazy to the system and have no intention to overclock at all.

Also, I just noticed that the LM80 voltage readings that you see at the bottom right of my SpeedFan screenshot above are different than their titles (12V says 16.1V for example). Is this a problem? I really don't even know what LM80 is.
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