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Default computer restarting when in Counter strike

OK, i just bought a new graphics card
Ge force fx 5200 128mb (has fan built on it)

When im playing counter strike(computer game) it restarts, not at same time, could be like 10mins 30mins or an hour.

Its only just started restarting after i installed the new graphics card.
I also installed Steam which is what u need to run counter strike 1.6. Dunno if u heard of it but it has enough bugs in it.

My pc spec is
p4 1.8
256 ddr ram(forgot speed)
120gig hard drive
30gig hard drive
adsl card
motherboard- gigabyte sis 645 GA-8srx

OK what ive done is got that program MemTest to test memory,
so far it passed like 10 tests so it seemed like my memory is fine.

Checked cpu after it restarted to see if it was hot, it is hardly warm.

Both fans work on the graphics card and cpu.

COuld be power suply but how can i tell? i aint spending 40 quid for something that couldnt be the answer.

Could it be that the memory on the graphics card is broke or something??

Could it even be that steam program if anyones heard of it?]
Any answers please

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Put in BF1942 and you probably won't have that problem. Everybody know's that 3 out of 4 computers will reject CS.

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WHen the computer reboots in CS, I take it as a sign that it would be good to play something else

I also curse, yell, scream, and displace my anger at family members when this happens...It helps bring it down a notch.

But seriously, - Lostman has a will reboot/crash occasionally - a fact of life. My logitech keyboard or mouse crashes my CS, but I think I've managed to keep it down to sometimes once a day...
Lostman - I had so much fun playing 1942, but it was on the shareware map everyone plays and using the jeeps to run people down - WHOO HOO! That was so much fun.

To troubleshoot further, see what kind of error it is getting by changing youf error options from rebooting to reporting the error. I can tell you right now it will probably be some general kernal error because of the video card - not really helpful, but it can narrow the focus it is the soundcard or other.

DO THE DRIVER DANCE - You probably have, but do it anyway, and download the nvidia drivers - not the MS ones. GL drivers don't come from Microsoft.

DO THE BIOS - Again, you probably already have - but check your settings for the multiplier as well as researching any other changeables. Also, do some smart searching using the main name of the card and counter-strike - more than likely this problem is out there if you have it.

To test your crashing to see if it Opengl, run it in Direct3d - I actually found that it is not that much slower - but Opengl is technically faster.

Off the top of my head, I have heard of some IRQ conflict issues that require manual intervention in the BIOS, but I don't remember which card or which motherboards - sorry, its all I could remember.

After installing all the drivers for your machine, or channging some - I usually will download the latest directx incarnation and run 'dxdiag' in the run line - check here to see if everything is hunky dory.

Good luck, and may all your hitboxes be large and cl_updaterate, cl_cmdrate, rate, fps_max, pushlatency, be accurate and true in your config.cfg Also, you may want to make you config.cfg a read only file and that is correct. Servers can and will change settings, sometimes it is not good if the server isn't 'reputable.' (at least keep a backup)

Beleive it or not, files can go corrupt! After installing a fresh version of counter-strke, copy the entire directory (copy *.* /s /e or drag the sucker) into a backup directory. This has saved me from having to 1.) reinstall half-life 2.) download half-life updates 3.) download counter-strike 4.) download counter-strike updates 5.) reconfigure all the keys and options 6.) losing more of my hair. If you have a bad file resource in counter-strike, it can poop your game. Find half-life in the reg, and export it. Resinall is a snap after that.

I'm wacky today - I don't know why.

I'll leave you with "You take the point."


PS optimal performance is with the swap file on another drive (preferably no the same ribbon cable) and when you first build out the machine, set a manual page file - not a system monitored one - THIS WILL ENSURE A CONTIGUOUS SWAP space at the fastest part of the drive - do a defrag to, yes, the newly installed system. You system will be 'peppy.' A system swap file in fragments all over the same drive as your OS is not optimal. Then first thing you should install is Counter-strike. Now, you ducks are all in a row, and your machine will access counter-strike without having to go to hundreds of differing locations should you have a fragmented file system - which I'm guessing many many many people do. All IMHO.
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