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Default Computer is making noise.

Hi, Somehow i pressed somewhere on the computer and everything i wrote got erased... Anyway.

The Computer is making noise alike to grrr grrr sound in a low tone. I opened the case and tightened everything in it, especially the powerbox ( The box at the upper back of the computer with a fan ) which seems to be making the noise.

And it did not fix anything, in fact it is a continius sound now that starts whenever i open my computer. Also I think the box itself is too loud. I can hear it when i go out of the room.

Before my powerbox got burned, it was not like this. it was much quiter and it never made sound, then it burned and changed( I think they changed it ). it's been about 9 months I think since i am using this one and this has been happening for about a week. ( the grr grr sound i mean )

I didn't open the inside of the powerbox. It says Trained Personnel Only, and dangerous on it. Also I would most likely make things worse, so i stayed out of that other than screwing and tightening everything in it.

Also, This whole computer i have been using is about 3 years old, and i do not know if parts in it needs to be changed. but powerbox probably was already changed after the burn.

Thank you for your helps.

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Well just do not open your power supply especally if you do not know what you are doing. Are you sure the sound is coming from the supply?

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According to my ears, it's coming from the power suplly. Unless you have another tool to check it other than ears. haha.
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Yes, if you aren't sure exactly what you are doing, don't open the power supply... the capacitors in there could cause you some ham....

Based upon what you are describing, I would suspect the trouble is the power supply's fan, likely has junk in it, causing the noise... if dust gets into it, it can cause this.

What type of power supply are you using?
Who was supposed to have changed it, and I would find out if they did or not... or just get a new PSU.
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I know, I never open the power supply. I do not know how it works or anything about it, quite unfortunately.

But to clean the fan, i would have to open the power supply, if computer is not connected to electricitiy, and the 1 / 0 button behind ( which seems to cut off electricity from computer when switched ) is off. It's not supposed to cause any harm is it?

If so, i might try to open the box, but I'll most likely do something wrong, and as you know if that doesn't work. the computer won't either.

Also, could you tell me how much a normal computer is supposed to make sound? are there " silent " computers?

Because i can hear it work when im out of the room, even when i am meters away from it.
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First off, the danger of being electrocuted by a power supply has nothing to do with it being "plugged in" to the rest of the machine, but from the capacitors inside the PSU, that act as large batteries that instead of releasing their stored electricity very slowly like say, a AA battery, release the electricity very slowly, like in a CRT monitor or a television set. After you remove the PSU, the capacitors still hold enough electricity in them to cause some serious damage.

Secondly, you don't have to open the PSU to clean it, all you need is a can of compressed air, and then you can give the PSU a good cleaning by blowing into the many holes and spaces designed to allow air flow through the PSU case itself to cool its various components. If that still doesn't work, it may be that you just have an older PSU that just makes plain makes more noise than newer ones. They do sell PSUs that are designed to make as little noise as possible, so you may want to look into purchasing one of those.

Edit: Something like this -

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