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Default Computer building Problem from HELL

Ok, about a month ago, my computer became almost impossible to boot up. I was using a 400w power supply, Athlon 3000+ cpu, KH8T motherboard (I think), 2 512mb 400mhz Kingston RAM dimms, and a last gen Radeon video card. When I booted the computer, it would power up and run for a few moments, then just shut off. Sometimes it would happen within seconds, sometimes I could get into the bios and tool around for a minute, sometimes I could even get into windows before it shut off.

In order to beat the problem, I tried repeatedly hitting the power button, flipping the power supply on/off switch, holding in the reset button as I hit the power button (system wouldn't load, but the system WOULD power up without shut-off untill I released the reset button- fans running the whole time). Occassionally I could successfully get the computer to boot into windows, and stay running.... however by the time I would come back from work - it'd be off.

So a friend comes by, asks me to build a computer for his other friend. I agree, and within half an hour I'm loaded with a bunch of really nice parts, and am told as payment I can swap out parts of his that are better than mine with my parts (3000+ athlon becomes 3400+ (both socket 754), power supply becomes 550w, video card becomes Radeon X700, Motherboard becomes an NF8 series abit board). I get it all set up and the problem persists. HOW?!?! Theres none of the same components! I even have a brand new DVD-R in there! It's like a brand new computer, only this time it doesnt even power-on for a few seconds.

It just clicks on, fans turn on, and not even a full second later it's off again. If I hold in the power button, it rapidfire starts and stops. The red LED showing the mobo is recieving power is ON at all times, the green LED showing system on will flash with each boot attempt. This new power supply does not have an on/off switch, so I cant use that.

In frustration, I decided to build the friends PC. After getting it all set and ready to go, well... same thing. Same EXACT thing. I can't believe it. Could it have something to do with the power supplies or power cords? the electrical outlets on the walls all read 15a 150w...

If anyone has any info, I'd be VERY grateful. thank you

Update: I'm thinking since the only thing that makes any sense is perhaps the power in our barraks building is wonky, and it isn't getting enough/steady stream of power from the wall. Going to buy a UPS and some batteries for my multimeter after I get released from work...

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Good idea. Definitely want to check the line voltage form your outlets. It's hard to imagine that two completely reconfigured puters whould share the same problem scenario. Like to know what you find out!!

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I've read a post almost identical to this in the past? hmmm...
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Thanks for the reply. I'm thinking it has to be the whole building's power or something, because my suite-mate has moved out of his barraks room (left his bathroom door unlocked), so I tried the computers in there - same problem. However, I havn't seen anyone else running around griping about their computers not working.

I am also going into withdrawel, which is bad because I'm in the army and deal with enough stress as it is.

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I just bought a UPS power supply/battery backup for my PC and installed it. Didn't work.

I'm about to completely give up, and say goodbye to computers for the rest of my life.
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yea try anothe outlet
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I've tried two seperate outlets in my room, all the outlets in my suitemates room next door, and an outlet in my friends room who lives downstairs a floor. No dice.
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go to your neighbors and ask if you can borrow an outlet fro 10 min

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