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Thumbs up This is the comp need help with it read on>

Is this a good computer?
I know i need a better GFX card any suggestions on that and um how many
MHz does this have I just hope its enough to play doom 3 with a geforce 66000
only spending 170.00$ for a GFX card that can play doom 3

Ultra Wizard Black ATX Mid-Tower Case with Front USB and Firewire Ports
In the red-hot gaming market, Ultra’s Wizard will quickly become the best-selling case of all time! That’s because the designers at Ultra understand that nothing captivates the gamer more than a dynamite combination of dazzling looks and incredible performance. When it comes to performance – no case can match the Wizard’s versatility, expandability, durability and airflow technology.

- Form Factor: ATX Mid-Tower
- Expansion Slots: 7
- Chassis: Steel

Sorry forgot to add this when I first posted guys im sry here the Mobo
Gigabyte K8U ULi Socket 754 ATX Motherboard
Imagine what you’ll be able to do when you you’ve got a system running on the intimidating AMD Athlon 64 processor, DDR400 Memory, SATA hard drive, powerful AGP8X video, sensational Realtek audio sound, high speed USB 2.0 support and lots more? Games glittering with immersive graphics. You bet! Professional applications for work – not a problem. Just having fun with the computer.

- Chipset: ULi M1689
- Front Side Bus: 1600MHz
- Processor Interface: Socket

AMD Sempron 3100+ Socket 754 Processor
The AMD Sempron™ processor is designed to meet the evolving day-to-day needs of home and business PC users. This full-featured processor is designed to deliver best-in-class performance for today’s value-conscious buyers of desktop PCs. The AMD Sempron™ processor provides the productivity enhancing performance you need for your everyday applications. It runs over 60,000 of the world’s most popular applications, so you can enjoy solid performance.

- Processor Speed: SP 3100+ / 1.80GHz
- Cache Size: 256KB
- Processor Socket: Socket 754

Maxtor Diamond Plus 9 250GB SATA-150 Hard Drive
The DiamondMax Plus 9 hard disk drive is designed to exceed previous standards for desktop performance. By delivering a performance hard drive using a highly leveraged design with state-of-the-art quality and reliability, Maxtor demonstrates technology leadership with DiamondMax Plus 9 drives.

- Capacity (GB): 250
- Spindle Speed (RPM): 7200
- Buffer Memory: 8MB

Power Supply Ultra X-Connect 400W ATX Power Supply
The unique X-Connect power supply - the first in the world to have a fully modular configuration - delivers 400 Watts of Ultra-reliable energy and eliminates cable clutter. X-Connect’s molded cable core allows you to connect only the cables you need! Each cable is UV reactive, made of the highest quality shielded material, and has undergone the most rigorous testing in the industry. Ultra’s modular cables are the finest in the world and offer the best conductivity, stability, reliability and durability.

- Dual 80mm Fans
- UV Reactive Shielded Cables
- Thermal Overload Protection


Fanner Tech AMD K8 Cooler Fan
Keep your hard-working processor running cool with Masscool, a fan/heatsink combination designed especially for AMD Athlon64 CPUs. The heatsink features ultra-thin fins and an extra-large heat-spreader to efficiently direct heat away from your CPU's sensitive die area. The high-performance ball-bearing fan blows 30.46 CFM of cool air down onto the heatsink and out over your motherboard for extra cooling.

- Noise level: 31.8 dBA
- Rated Speed: 4200 RPM +/-10%
- Bearing Type: Ball Bearing

media card reader-

Ultra 512MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz Memory
High-performance computing requires high-performance memory. For those who have been waiting for faster access times—crucial for high-level graphics programs—Ultra DDR memory maximizes system operation, and lets you get the most from your applications.

- Memory Size: 512MB
- Memory Speed: 400MHz PC3200
- Memory Type: DDR

Keyboard and a mouse

All for 400.00 no gfx card included

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Not bad, but the case and power supply are crap, and it does not mention what the motherboard is

If i guess right, this is a tigerdirect deal? If so your pretty guartneed to get some crap

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go here:
Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere!!
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kk BUt ya how many mega hertz is this guys???
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Ok, I'll help explain stuff to ya.

Now, the cpu is an AMD Semptron 3100+. The actual preformance is measure by a couple factors, mainly the frequency it works at. In this case it works at 1.8GHz. Now, sure, it looks low compared to intel's, but intels aren't very efficient with their preformance thus they need to have beefed out working frequencies. The cpu you're getting is equivalent to an Intel P4 3.1GHz cpu. So that's plenty fast.

Now, you diddn't actually mention a motherboard. This is important as every computer part plugs into it. You need to pick one that socket 754 (S754). Odds are it'll be a AGP graphics card you'll need to get, so if you do get a geforce 6600, it has to be the agp version, and not pci-express.

Now, the ram says lifetime warranty, but I'm not too sure how good of a brand ultra is... and it's been my experience that tigerdirect sucks for rebates, usally a catch like you have to buy 2 HP products or someother retarded crap like that.. so be careful.

Anywho, thiscomputer seems to be good enough to play D3 well. Btw, check out the last man standing mod, and Opencoop! I highly reccomend the 2!
Later-A-Much, and LONG LIVE THE D!
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the mobo is now posted tell me now
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Default thats the GFX can you help me with that too the_mard u seem to know alot about comps and helped alot now that i know my pc is not gay at all lol
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how bout u dont buy a bare bones kit there no good just custom build the hole thing and the sempron is good for servers and thats about it but i would go 64 bit amd venice or something if ur gaming
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that whole thing would =out to 900 -1000$ easily if i build it buy it self instead of a whole PC
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WOuld that own this comp ?

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