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Old 10-23-2004, 07:06 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Changed love for AMD


I was thinking about taking an intel P4 CPU but when i heard and readed reviews made me think in a difrent direction then intel P4's

So iam planning to buy an AMD CPU but i dont realy know wich socket mainbord and CPU's are good en cheap to have for AMD

Could i go for socket A or 754 i was planning to use it more for games then application.

And does it requires another Power suply or case what chamge when i go for amd rather then only the CPU and mainboard.


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The PSU should work with an AMD

Socket 754 would be the cheapest and best way to enter the AMD64 arena yes, just make sure you get a socket 754 CPU, as there are two other sockets out there, 939 and 940


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Your best bet is to wait or squeeze out more money for the socket 939 64bit CPU. It's a bit more expensive but AMD will continue to upgrade this line, it supports dual channel, and the boards such as the MSI Neo2-Platinum and Abit AV8-3rd Eye have some really great features. MSI has 7 channel audio, Abit has 6 channel, MSI has dual onboard LAN and pretty good options in the BIOS. Enough to overclock if you wanted. Most newer PSU BTW come standard for AMD and Intel so if it's a fairly new PSU it should work. Does it have a 20pin connector to the motherboard and a square 2x2 pin connector? That's for power to the processor, maybe intel uses I really don't know. I'm AMD all the way
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Socket 939 is more future proof, but 754 is cheaper and not bad at all. Get an AMD64 3200+ or 3400+ if you go socket 754. You won't be dissapointed.
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But What about socket A are they out dated or something or is socket 754 more fast and performance please explain little bit

and is that new socket 939 or something more faster then the socket 754 or does it only proove more features.
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well, socket 939 supports dual channel ddr, which is a very gd feature and its also upgradeable. its better 2 save now n get one that's upgradeable than 1 that's not. u'll slowly but surely save a lot more money.

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yes socket A is older.

754 is for the slower Athlon 64 cpu's, however thy are or will be making the slower Athlon 64's for socket 939 as well.

940 is mostly for opteron, and servers, cause 939 requires ECC-ram... error corection controle or something. its slower and more expensive ram.
u can see cpu type for the socket, just go to , go to the cpu section, and search acording to interface type.
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AMD has been silently ruling over Intel since its first production unit.

but as for the latest products out, FX-55 and AMD 6400+, AMD has really proved its victory, as well as when Intel has announced they arent going to make 4.0GHz processors
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So first of al thanks for al your suggestions altough i din't get that much wise

So wich socket would be better A or 754 would it make bog diffrence in speed or not as you said 939 is for servers but iam using that PC only for my personal use and iam not into servers so

Wich one to take and is best buy with an good but not the best CPU.

Thanks again
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Socket A's are very old, yet quite common. If I were you, I'd hold off a bit and buy the best CPU motherboard combo I could find, not nessarilly going for the cheapest you could afford. Remember, if it's really cheap then it's cheap for a very good reason. I've seen alot of the cheap mobos fry or fail relatively quickly, so be carefull.

Still weak, I know, but getting better:
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