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Old 02-08-2005, 05:04 PM   #11 (permalink)
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Very nice

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Originally posted by Nubius
That's a lame reason CPU's need to progress differently. Simple as that, regardless if it makes ours look like crap.

I'd rather know that the future of processors will actually make a nice leap sometime soon. My dad just handed me a newspaper with that very article in it.
Well it will be a good CPU hopefully.

But i dont like gaming consoles having more power though...

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I hope it sucks because I always have the arguement with my friend that Console gaming cannot simulate everything that PC gaming has and never will. So basicly I want consoles to die DIEE... PC all the way!
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ha omg wow... processors in say 10 years will be just amazing. 25 years from now, out 3.8ghz p4's will be just pieces of crap... amazing what'll come out in the future- "New Intel Pentium 10- 34.9ghz!! 93,000mhz fsb"
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XBox 2 is also utilizing the multi core approach, and also borrowing the power pc idea of direct L2 access and memory access simutaneously from the GPU.
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Well, processor speeds will be measured alot differently in the furture. Probably terahertz, or something completely different. Now, PS3 will run fast, but nothing insane. Member, Playstation is used by the rich and poor. Sony knows this, so their processor simply has to be affordable. If only the rich can offord it, then sony enterprise will go bankrupt. The only thing that will be insane about PS3 will be its architecture. Personally, i think the processors are going to run at fast rates, nothing to go crazy over. I do think its going to have a high amount of cache.
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yeah you're probably right about terrahertz or something. i know you can already (and this has been around for a while, but still a good example) buy a terrabyte hard drive (1,000 gigs).
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i think the speed advancements are goini to slow down (if that makes sence) i think they might get upto about 9-10gig then start only goin up a small amount each new chip but they are goin to be increasing the amount of lvl2 /lvl3 and maybes if needs be make a lvl5? image a 10gig cpu with a gig of lvl2 memory that can handle 128bit programs and can do 32 intructions at a time. sweet if u ask me.
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I want one.
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This new generation CPU for the gaming consoles has been in development for 3 years. Just think what will happen if they start today on a new and improved chip,...

2008 may bring some pretty crazy clock speeds on computers.

This is going to really make a big difference in the graphics, it may be close to what we can currently get from a PC gaming system.

Think the consoles will go way up in price?

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