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Default Cd Rom, transfer failed.

I have ported two Cd Roms over to a computer I just recently started building. I power it up, everything worked fine, went to open the Cd Roms and nieter would open, so I checked around and many people were saying it might be the ejection system that is broken. So I manually opened it using the small pin and lo and behold, nothing, nothing is broken or wrong with the Cd roms. Now only moments before I had completed the port over, the Cd roms worked fine.

Anyone have ANY clue why this isn't working?

-Alecrein irritated and annoyed.

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Getting impatient, I'm sure that problems with an Xbox reign over an actually, common problem with a Cd Rom.

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If CD ROM's get power and are allowed to open, they open.

Unplug the IDE cable, and test the 4 pin molex conntected to the CD Drive. If it's getting power, keep the IDE cable unplugged and see if it opens.

If it opens, it's alright. If it's not open, your CD ROM is buggered.

And, dont get impatient. We are giving free advice and can help you or not help you at our discretion.

And if the CD-ROM's are both bad, i betya you fried them with a crappy power supply.
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Chances are, neither of them are broken but something is wrong somewhere.

To start with, remove one of the drives completely from the system. When you can get the remaining drive to work, you can add the other one back in.

With the drive thats left connected, set the jumper configuration on that drive to master (I am assuming that both CD drives were on the same cable) and connect it to the end of the ribbon cable.

Clear the bios first then boot the system, go into the bios & let it autodetect the drives. If it won't detect the CD drive, check the ribbon cable is inserted correctly.

If it does detect the drive correctly, make sure you can eject the tray. Then add the second drive back in (set to slave & on the middle connector of cable)
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To check the power supply connectors (4 pin molex) get a spare fan and plug one of the 4pin molex connectors into the fan and see if it powers up and if it does then theres nothing wrong with that connector repeat the process to ensure all the connectors are working.

Check see if the PSU wiring is correct it goes something like Red, Black, Black, Yellow and I'm looking at it as though you are going to plug it in *This is only going to be wrong if you have made some alters to your cabling, unless the manuactor has set it up wrong, highly dought it"

Also when you are powering up your system check see if there is any power running through the drive by looking at the LED ligh see if it lights up in anyway, if it does you know that it is reciving power.

If all the above fail's, including other replys, open up the CD-Drives and look around see if you notice any faults anything which doesn't look right.

* I know - I've just had that same problem with my CD drives that wouldn't boot up i tryed 4 days trying to figure out what was wrong with them since i had a new mobo & hdd in the end i took it apart and found that it had burnt out somehow and problem solved.
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