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Old 01-23-2004, 06:53 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Building and AMD lost!!!!!!!! need help

Hey guys i am plannng to build my own computor from ground up. Well i don't really want to spend too much money because this is just a trial one. I heard that AMD processors are good for overclocking. But i have no idea which one is good and cheap. Also which motherboard or graphics card should i buy. Because people say that some work better together than others. Buy the way thanx in advance for your advice.

Also do you think it is better to have a case with two fans and a external control for it on the case.

I've already overclocked my recent computor, but it heats up quite a bit, even with two fans, do u think that it will help if a put an external control in my new computer

Thanx in advance.....

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best bang for ur buck is IMHO

amd xp2500+
radeon 9600XT
and an asus mobo of sorts, basically same stuff i got

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make sure your fans are positioned in such a manner so that the intake is in direct proportion to the outtake or you can create hot pockets
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Positioned in what way.... one in front and one at the back..... and should they blow air inwards or outwards
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The fans should be positioned so that the front fan is pulling cool air in thru the PC & the back (of the Case) should be blowing out of the case. While your fans are spinning, light a match then blow it out & see how the smoke travels.
PS. Don't burn yourself...LOL
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As far as I know AMD Barton 2500+($90) is the most popular u can oc it (if unlocked) up to 3200+ and if locked u can still oc it quite a bit.
if ur planning to oc alot make sure u get a good cpu fan(something from thermaltake or colermaster) and good thermal paste (arctic silver 3 or 5).

For the case fans i would put 1 more outtake then intake. for example 2 inake and 3 outake fans, In my opinion the most important spot for the air to move is around the CPU and if u have an oc'd video card its nice to keep it cool too.

For the Mobo I would definately choose Asus Brand (a7n8x series are good if u get the deluxe it comes with good onboard sound)

For RAM I would go with corsair or corsair xms (Asus is nicely compatable with Corsair)

well its only my opinion... hopefully this helps
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Old 01-27-2004, 04:11 AM   #8 (permalink)
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Look the problem is that i have a very tight money budget. Only about $ 600 to 750. So would like if it the motherboard has a good inbuilt soundcard and one that work good with AMD processors.

Also what does Stupid mean by the AMD card being unlocked.

Also i am not very sure about installing a case fan myself. And the cases that i have seen with various fans are quite expensive. Also do you guys recommend a RPM manager
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lots of advices
all confusintg rather than helping
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He is talking about unloking the multiplier. If the processor is 2000 Mhz, and the FBS is 200 Mhz, then the Multiplier is 10. (200 Mzh FSB X 10 = 2000Mhz CPU clock.) If you leave it locked then every 1 Mhz you increase the FSB it will increase the speed 10 Mhz. Unlock the multiplier and you can get any speed the processor can handle. I recomend the A7N8X as well, just stay away from the -X version, it doesn't have as many features, and it's only $10-20 cheaper than the standard version.

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