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Old 04-06-2005, 06:33 AM   #11 (permalink)
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Another thing about dell's graphics card

The last while they have been using cards that have the name "6800" however the name is when the comparasion stops. 6800GT's have a 16 pipeline artechture which gives it it's speed. If a few of those break, they disable 8 of them making it 8 pipelines which is virtually half speed and give it to dell.

Name of a 450$ graphics card, peformance of a 200$.

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Originally posted by aspire.comptech
amd athlon 64 3500+ $260
DFI lanparty ultra nf4 $150
Geil ocz 1 gig dual channel ram $200
zalman 7000cu w/120mm fan $50
200gig sata 7200rpm $160
eVGA 6800ultra $435
lian li case $150
extra fans and round cables $50
Antec neopower 450w psu
total cost $1500 plus shipping

damn i want this system

this system is not even comparable to the dell you posted and this will play any game at max res no lag and will dominate at anything
nothing can compare to it. well in its price range
So this comp you listed above would play counter strike source really damn well?

Is DFI a good mother board company, i was thinking of going with an Asus 939 socket mother board.

Also is the eVGA a PCI-Express video card? Cause that what i want.

Also you guys kind of loose me with all these diffrent parts, i had no idea their where so many diffrent company like OCZ and stuff, man i wish i knew more about comps but im 16 got time to learn, please great one teach me! i love comps so much and the idea of building one and mixing changing parts appeal to me, its like a smaller and cooler car.

Also when over clocking say 1gb dual (2x512mb) how much do you usually get out of it over clocked? And how do you overclock?

Thanks i hope to learn more here every day.

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Originally posted by diabloII
dell's case is small
dell uses ALL generic stuff (generic=no brand)
dell has no video card, which means no games (most of their comps)
dell's build quality is crap
dell's customer satisfaction rating is 45% (below an F)
dell's main objective is money, not their customer (their customer service is outsourced to india with ppl that don't know crap and can't speak english)

lots more but i can't think right now
LOL - diabloII you hit the nail so hard on the head, it's not even funny...

This is the truth!!!
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I can play counterstrike with everything on max, with only a very little odd jump when turning around fast, and according to the stress test I get 98fps, but Im not moving the view, the computer is slowly on the set task.

Overclocking explained:

It depends on what ram you get as to how fast it can run at. Someone got their ram running at 800mhz.

Get a Antec, Thermaltake or OCZ (generally in that order, but they are all great compaies, and will give you reliable, staple power.

Yes the graphics card is pci express.

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The CPU in the dell computer is pretty sweet though, I gotta say. Why they would only have 512 MB of RAM is beyond me.
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because dell = crap, and appeal to people who have little knowledge about what makes a decent computer
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Do you have Excel? Email me (see sig!!), I will through a system together on a spreadsheet, and then we can talk about it, and we can make modifications if you need, and then you will have a very good sheet to show your dad. I will include the shipping on that if ya want too.

Yan.N.Booth @ (with out the spaces of course...)

Hope to hear from you...
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about that cyber power u put together earlier, i got the system in my sig for $1400 (after a $100 instant rebate) from cyber. I havent had any complaints about them yet, and im cranking half life 2, doom3, and far cry up as high as I can (well, not doom 3, the 512 mb thing). it kicks the sorry *** of any dell.

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Originally posted by PizzatheHut06
The CPU in the dell computer is pretty sweet though, I gotta say. Why they would only have 512 MB of RAM is beyond me.

wtf??? no they're not

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For what you pay to have the name "Dell" pasted on a computer, you can get a comparable or better rig put together by an individual or company that takes custom orders.

Pure and simple.I don't know your dad, but he's probably my age, since I have a 16 year old daughter. I make my own money, and I make very informed decisions about computers, and I would never sink that kind of money into a Dell. Period.

If he insists on going with Dell, have him at least shop here ( so he's not giving full inflated price for one.


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