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Dunkerque 10-20-2005 12:10 PM

Bought "new" drive, but labeled "RP"?
Hey folks.

I picked up a LG GSA-5163D dvd burner from 3btech the other day. The site lists the condition as "new" and "OEM". It was questionably cheap, so I emailed and they confirmed everything was new.

So I got it today, and it was a tad scuffed up and the underside of the device is marked "RP" in big red ink over the serial number.

Is anybody familiar enough with refurb practices to be able to hazard an educated guess as to whether this "RP" means "refurbished product" or somesuch? I can't think what else it would mean. I called LG, but they told me that there's no way that they can track an OEM'd drive. I called 3btech, but the guy said he had no idea.

3btech's resellerratings reviews seem to indicate that a few customers feel like they have been sent refurb'ed "new" products as well.


Lonewolf5460 10-20-2005 12:47 PM

i googled it an the most relevant thing i found was RP=price for retailer

it was on this site.but if i was you i would return it and demand a new one.ovioulsy it is not new

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