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Old 06-16-2005, 10:28 PM   #131 (permalink)
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Before all of this I would have just asked for a top of the line Alienware (true brand not no knock off) but know try to get 1750 or so because I'm almost sure if you work you figured that you took a few days of and this really hurt your personal life. I'm really glad you knew how to atleast look to see if it matched what it was advertised as. If you get more don't forget to donate to TF (if you want). LOL Take a BIG bite out of her Wallet L@L!!

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The problem is think of all the people who dont know and the hundreds of dollars they whould have lost. Its sad people have to go through this. Some people dont have the nerve or the fight in them. I do and will continue to as long as there are people like this out there. Wether or not they even know what they are doing they shouldnt be doing these types of things. Ignorance is not an excuse for the law.

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I think they'll get what's coming to them, and it was very smart of you to come here. I also agree that this thread should be stickied somehow, as it is very informative as to the scams that can and do happen on eBay. I know I'll be more cautious when I shop there from now one, and I will *never* buy a new computer from there.
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Old 06-16-2005, 11:06 PM   #134 (permalink)
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Yeah get alienware and IBM working with you
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Old 06-17-2005, 12:16 AM   #135 (permalink)
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by macdawg
[B]Hi Connie,


"no Alienware has ever been made with a Celeron. These things do not happen by mistake."

This quote is true. Simply put, Alienware is a PERFORMANCE PC company, and a celerons are BUDGET based processors. This is equivalent to selling a Ferrari and having a 100 horsepower 4 cylinder engine under the hood.

To install a celeron processor in an Alienware case is either deliberate or the work of the bigggest idiot on the planet.

Alienware has been making a computer with a Celeron D in it for awhile now, at least 6 months.

Just read that and had to reply
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Well, it's a barebone/shuttle or miniform factor. Not really a desktop, and the model is pretty recent. Besides they don't use their traditional alienware case.
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Godd luck Raze, take em down buddy...
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Old 06-17-2005, 05:06 AM   #138 (permalink)
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Here are two very interesting emails that Connie has sent Raze:

"Please Please, don't forget to leave good feedback."

"Only reason i stress the feedback, is because, good ole paypal limited our account, because of what they call, suspicious activity. (We sold quite a few computers, and havn't got any feedback yet) Paypal, now wants us to fax drivers licence, paperwork, invoices to the computer sales, etc. They believe it looks suspicious to them not having any feedback. So what they kindly do? They limited our account from rec, or sending money for 2-5 days until they either see some feedback, or sure that our account isn't being hacked, or that we are just plain out scammin people. They shut our paypal down about 5 hours before 7 ending auctions. Really made things hard. We have now learned at the evils of paypal. Check out this site and
Very interesting things about paypal. We are not entirely sure we are even going to use them anymore. They are for sure however, waiting to see what happens with your computer. They were very interested in your computer for some reason. But anyways, thats why We are looking for the feedback once you get your computer. Others who have purchased, either are too busy, or don't care, and we are emailing them too."

And part of the ol' bait and switch is to act dumb & hope your dumb, check out this email-

"Hi Rob,
That chip is a 2.8 by standard, but the board has MSI Core
Cell which is what overclocks (designed for it) to set it at 3.0Ghz. - 3.6Ghz Read the documentation that comes with MSI Core Cell (should be on cd) It's a setting that clocks it at 3.0Ghz.
Thought we had set it, might have forgotton. Also, The Board
Supports Hyper Threading, The CPU, I'll double check on and ask about. If im correct,I know for sure that processor comes for HT Tech. But i'll double check just in case. Actually, I have the Box from your system right here, it Says 2.8 Celeron D with Hyper Threading? I'll take a picture if needed. To access the core cell, go into BIOS, and goto Dynamic Overclocking, and there will be the options in the menus to change the Core, It will have like, Lt, Gen, Major (as settings) and General I think which is the highest. This chip and board is rated and designed to operate with core cell. Tech, you can overclock it to 3.6Ghz, but takes away from the life, prob shaves 2-3 years of a 8 Year Proc. Life. Sorry bout that though, Email me back and let me know what you think. Other than that, how did everything else arive? Windows Working Ok? Monitor Come in yet? Thanks Rob, we'll make sure your good to go. Thank You PS: Check and make sure HT is not disabled in the Bios for any reason as well, My LGA socket i had once came with it disabled."
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how do you know that she sent him those?
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Old 06-17-2005, 05:23 AM   #140 (permalink)
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rob lists there email exchanges on that thread. Read from bottom to the top, bottom ones initial emails.

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