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Default BIOS replacement

Okay, I had this awesome idea. No windows. So I took RedHat 9 and installed it on my computer. The fault occured when it asked where I wanted to keep my boot record. I (without thinking) put it on the master boot record, it seemed logical enough at the time. Little did I know but the version of EZ-BIOS running on this computer (details I'll put at the end), used the master boot record as it's place it stored how to start the machine -_-. So, it ended up not starting AT ALL.

I somehow managed to start an older version of PC DOS, (thats right, I have a personal vendetta with microsoft) and I fdisk'ed the master boot record.

This allowed me to start the linux installation process again, but nothing registers, and it always finds some terrible reason to crash midway through, saying the hard drive has bad sectors one time, something else another.

I then decided to toast the harddrive (I learned this from windows, if at first you don't suceed, nuke it all and start over), so I tried starting up partion magic. IT loads up right 'til the point where you actually start doing things and then it says "you didn't start this through your BIOS, go back, and hold control to boot from a disk, I'm a nazi" etc etc etc. But the BIOS doesn't give me that luxery to choos to start by disk anymore cuz it was fried in the process (yes I am talking in circles).

SO I'm pretty sure I need to figure out a way to get my bios information back onto the master boot record, but I have NO idea how to do that. ANY help of any sorts would be fine, even if it's "you shouldn't be in this thread, go here, it'll be more advantagous to you". Just don't say "you are an idiot", I potentially ruined a computer, I know that O.o

- David W B

~Specs on the 'puter in question (if you need more, do tell, I'll put everything I feel could be of minute interest/assistance)

'tis an IBM (not entirely by choice, but beggars can't be choosers. That, and it's old ^_^)
processor - Pentium 200 MMX
Cache Size - 256 KB
Shadow RAM - 384 KB
System ROM - F000h - FFFFh
Memory Type - No-parity
Machine Type/Model - 85950JD
Flash EEPROM Revision Level - LVKT38ACE
System Board Identifier - #A123456789 (yea, I don't know, I'm just reading it)
System Seral Number - 23GMLCG
BIOS Date - 09/02/99

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I should have known better -_-, I scowered the system settings for all the information I could, forgot to check the box O.o Thanks by the way.

M/T 6587-LBV

- David W B
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