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Default Bios Problems, Advice Needed

Hello, this is my first post. I just built my 1st system, completed almost 2 weeks ago. Chaintech VNF4/Ultra, AMD 3000+ Venice, Asus 6200TC, 512MB Corsair Value Select, Seasonic 500W PS, etc. As far as useability the system runs great. I have several issuses though I need help with. When I first booted the system and loaded optimal defaults in bios everying was fine. I checked the temp under PC Health Status in Bios and it was reading 39C I was happy with this and thought everything was ok, too quick of a thought haha. After a few boots I went to check it again just to make sure they were stable. It wasn't there, temps and other readings under "PC Health Status" were gone. The only thing listed under "PC Health status" was the option to for the shutdown tempature, 60-65-70C etc. Nothing else was there. It disappeared for no reason, I hadn't changed any settings. I tried flashing the bios with the jumper setting didn't help. I thought I needed a bios update because the date on my bootup screen is 2-3-2005 for the bios and I checked the chaintech webiste, they have had several updates since then. I coulnd't understand why, if it was showing and then not I would need an update but I tried anyway. I had never done this before so I followed the instructions on the chaintech website. I downloaded the Flash Utility .exe program and the latest 5.0 Bios Update and then saved them to a floppy disc. I then rebooted my computer, Hit F2 to enter the bios utility. It read the floppy for a few seconds then I got a "BIOS Image Checksum Error" said it coudln't complete update and instructed me to exit. I downloaded the programs again, followed the same procedure with the same results. At this point I emailed Chaintech support, I haven't heard from them as of now. I then went back in the Bios and MAGIC, the temps, voltages, etc were showing as they should. I didn't update anything and they came back, SPOOKY. I figured I would wait on support to get back with me and I would try a bios update again but everything seemed to be working fine. Yesterday I went back in the bios. I havent' changed any settings or anything but all the sudden my System and CPU temps were reading - 128C not 128C but -128C, talk about a cold system lol. No watercooling could beat that, haha. Ok, sry bad humor. I'm sooo confused with this if anyone could step me through updating bios if that might help or any other suggestions I would soo much appreciate it. This thing is driving me batty. I'm not really worried about the actual temps because of what the readings I am getting when they do "decide" to show me. Also I've had the side of my case off monitoring it until I get everything resolved. I can put my fingers on the heatsink and it's hardly warmer than room temp. I just want to get it right and forget about it. Sorry to ramble but I was trying to be as decriptive as possible. Thank You.

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sorry this is off topic but i have heard of reports of sub zero cpu temps with evaporative cooling. obviously not -128c though!!! could be a dud mother board if you can't resolve anything take it back and get another one

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Ok Update. I decided to shut the system down and forget about it. I hit shutdown in windows xp, the monitor powered down but the computer kept running. I tried to turn off with the power button and it would not shut down. I finally had to switch the power supply off. Then I powered up again, went into bios and temps were reading normal. 29C as they did before. This thing is posessed.
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my pc did same thing with the shut down thing ect.. it melted inside, was real cool.

Its why i got a new pc..

Go check ur psu, open up ur case, all power off, tell me if u see some melted stuff over anything...

i hope your comp isnt completely messed up like mines was.. anyway it got me a better pc, good came from it.
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